Monday, February 20, 2017


Ugh. Total Mom Fail today. Worst one yet, which says it all right there. I kind of Mom Fail a lot. Don't we all? Please please say that we all do?!

Months earlier both kids asked me if they could prettyplease with bacon on top be in the school play.  A former thespian (read that correctly!) myself, I told them sure, even though the $$$ admission was super expensive. Think: Disneyworld expensive.

But experiences are worth it, and I knew they would love it.

They have loved it, going to practice every week since early fall.

Today, the director of the play came out to meet me after rehearsal. Uh oh, I thought. What happened?!

I double-booked them on performance day.

Double-booked them. And not in a "sure, we can skip the other event" kind of double-booked.

They will be the ring bearer and flower girl in a wedding, 2000 miles from where that community performance is happening AT THE EXACT SAME TIME.

Ohhhhhh man, that's some awful double-booking.

So I'll sum it up for you. Because I didn't triple check the dates of the wedding and the performance, I now owe $$$$ for rehearsals for a play the director will have to replace my children in because they will not be able to perform SIX WEEKS before the performance. Ugh. Triple zillion million Ugh. Total mom fail.

Please tell me that this is not as bad as it seems? Or that you have done worse?

I can't stop thinking Ugh. I feel awful for my kids and for the play directors. UGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUGH.

**On a side note, all those UGHs look like HUGS when they run together. And I need one right now. A hug, that is. 

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