Friday, August 12, 2016

Tooth Fairy: Take Five (or six or something like that)

Over the past year or so, Bjorn has lost a few teeth. (And had his first orthodontist appointment, yay!) His first tooth, if you remember, he lost....and then lost again.

Same thing happened to his second tooth. We were camping in Colorado and he woke up one morning to a Grand Canyon gap, where the night before had been a tooth.  Even though I searched every inch of our trailer, and our entire campsite, that tooth also was never to be found. Its either still in the campsite, disguised as a rock, or he swallowed it in his sleep.

Finally, on his third tooth, he was able to catch it and keep it. He put that tooth in his special Tooth Fairy pillow, put it on his bed and went to sleep.

Only I left for work at 3:30 am the following morning, and somehow between my leaving for work and the kid waking up early, The Tooth Fairy forgot to put in his hard-earned and much deserved tooth money. Oops. Bad Tooth Fairy.

The tooth business has not been by the book with this kid at all. I imagined a perfect world of a "tooth falling out" ceremonial ice cream, maybe even a string wrapped around a tooth and a slammed door or two.  Yes, I live in a fantasy world of parental fun and relaxation. But this kid, and this life, have other ideas.

A few weeks ago, Bjorn felt another tooth get loose. The last few days I knew it was getting looser, as he was avoiding certain foods (i.e.: sandwiches. He has avoided whole apples since the day he got his first loose tooth!) and he didn't want me to help him brush his teeth. Apparently, I brush "too hard". Psssh. Wimp.

So I wasn't surprised when he came home from school today and asked me if I noticed anything different about his mouth. 

"Yay, Bjorn! You finally lost your tooth! How did it happen?"

"Well, I was at lunch, eating a kiwi." he answered. 


My kid eats kiwis?!

"I bit into the kiwi and felt something weird. I swallowed the kiwi and then I noticed that I didn't have my tooth anymore! So I think I swallowed my tooth. And it went down my throat and into here."

He traced a hand from his mouth down his esophagus and stopped at his stomach.

"What did you do after that?" I asked.

"I ate the rest of my kiwi and went back to class." 

So matter of fact. So calm.

"Maybe you lost it on the playground before lunch and you just didn't notice?" Tell me my kid did not just swallow another tooth. 

"No. I was playing with it when I was in line for lunch because it was hurting. I think I ate it. I ate my tooth."

And another one bites the dust.