Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter 2016

For Easter this year, we tried a few new things and kept a few old traditions.

The kids still went to the golf course next to our house on Saturday to hunt for eggs and whine about the line for face painting and games.  They ration the eggs during the hunt (I guess so they don't run out early?), so they walked away with a whopping two eggs a piece! They did also get a coupon for a flight of beer when you purchase an entree at the course restaurant. Score for the parents!

The riches of their Easter egg hunt

In the tradition of my Grandma K, we made our annual Rice Krispie lamb, and talked about Jesus being the Lamb of God. Bjorn wanted to line our lamb in a bed of Marshmallows. Looks pretty comfy to me.

Grandma's Easter lamb

We still woke up early on Sunday morning for our church's outdoor Easter sunrise service.

As usual, the mass was beautiful and would have been serene had it not been for the screams of a tempestuous four year old who wanted to play with my phone during church, not play with her kids bible or other tiny toys she brought along. It was early, she was tired and it was the furthest thing from calm. Good thing the priest talked about forgiveness and patience in his homily. I needed to hear it that morning! So did Peanut.

She looks so sweet and innocent.

Siblings, Friends.

After mass we headed home for our Easter spoils and egg hunt.

This year, instead of a basket, I bought the kids big plastic eggs. Just like the ones in the YouTube videos they are always watching. Inside the eggs were all their Easter basket goodies - individually wrapped.  I wish I had taken a before picture.

Egg baskets!

They each got one chocolate bunny and a bag of Starburst jellybeans.  That was it for candy. I tried to be practical this year - less candy, more items they would actually use.

Peanut opened her first goodie and squealed. "Jellies! Mommy! You know how much I love jellies!"  She had been asking for jelly shoes for a few weeks, and I had been putting her off since they were going into her basket. She immediately put them on. She also received a Hello Kitty bracelet, swimming goggles, and a pair of Olaf leggings.

Bjorn opened his first present and laughed. "Star Wars undies! You know I wanted these. Thanks, Mom!" Then he opened his second, third and fourth presents and couldn't stop laughing. "Mom! Why did you wrap all my undies? You're so silly!" It was pretty funny to see him get excited about his presents, and then to laugh and roll his eyes when it was more underwear. He also opened swimming goggles and a new pair of sunglasses.

Even our new pup got into the Easter fun with a huge squeaky Peep toy.

Even better than regular Peeps!

Next to their egg "baskets" was a note attached to a Lego instruction book.

Excuse my silly jingle. I had been up for 20+ hours at this point and this was the best I could do!

Bjorn read it first. "I need to find all the blue and green eggs! There are legos inside!"

He was right.

I had bought a box of Legos for each kid and divided them into the proper colored eggs: blue and green for Bjorn and pink and purple for Peanut. That left orange and yellow to be used for a few more small candies and some money. Again, it cut down on the candy factor, and it gave them something fun and useful to do.

They raced out to the backyard to start their egg hunt. I had expected them to go crazy finding all their eggs to start their Legos, but I hadn't expected what actually happened.

Our garden is growing eggs!

Instead of Bjorn trying to get as many as he could, so he could have all the candy, he knew that the pink and purple ones weren't for him. When he found one of those, he would call Peanut over so she could get her eggs. She did the same for him.  They were sharing. Helping. For the first time since they had started Easter egg hunting together, there was no fighting that "he found more" or "I saw it first".  They were actually getting along. It was an Easter miracle. And a happy, unexpected side effect of the Lego egg hunt.

They found all their eggs, headed inside and put together the Lego treasures.

That is his "The Storm Troopers are going to shoot you!" face 

Lego Friends
After all this excitement, we went for a walk and then brunch. A wonderful family day together.

Even Bjorn thinks so.

Happy Easter!

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