Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer skating

Today I crossed #1 on my list of "101 things to do in 1001 days".

1. Take my kids to the roller rink.

I don't know why this was the first thing I thought of when I created my list, except that I always loved going to the skating rink as a kid. Even as a young teen-ager, I loved going to the skating rink with my friends, dancing to the music, hair whipping behind me as I leaned into the curve.

I wanted to show my kids how much fun it is.

And......I might have had a secret desire to be discovered for a roller derby team. I had this vision that a coach would see me at the rink, skating effortlessly around fallen children and lost skates, spinning with ease and he would say "Her! I want her on my roller derby team! She is the one!" And the rest would be roller derby history.

It's been said I have an over-active imagination.

I forgot that while I used to be an athlete, and quite flexible and limber, I am now in my mid-thirties (yikes!) and don't bend like Beckham anymore. I still would love to be a Derby girl. I need to come up with a cool name.

I called a friend who used to coach and skate competitively to come join us for the day, and has older kids my kids adore, and another friend came along with her kids, whom my kids also love. The more the merrier!

Apparently, everyone in town had the same idea because when we pulled up, there were no less than FIVE school buses already parked with kids inside.

Both Bjorn and Peanut were super excited to try skating, and even more excited when they saw their friends there. Peanut attached herself to Big Peanut (one of the older girls, who has the same nickname) and pretty much stuck by her side for the next two hours, except for when she crawled up into my lap, lay her head down and promptly fell asleep. In the middle of the loud roller rink.

I envy that girls sleeping habits.

Peanut did make it exactly one time around the rink, holding tight to Big Peanut and her mom's hands before deciding that she did not want to go back out there.  Good thing her admission and skate rental were free.

Bjorn made it 3/4 of the way around the rink two separate times.  He swore he loved skating, and wants to come back very soon, but the expression on his face told a different story. He couldn't quite get his footing, but it being his first time, he did just fine. I kept reassuring him that everyone falls, and it is okay to fall. He is a perfectionist, though, and likes to be able to do things right, and all the way, the first time.


It was a fun day, a great day to stay inside during 115 degree heat. Also, both kids took a nap. That makes roller skating a win in my book!

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