Saturday, June 13, 2015

Peanut's Observations

Bjorn has hit that stage where he hears EVERYTHING. When The Hubs and I talk, he interrupts to ask what a "budget" is and why we have to stick to one. When I hang up after a long phone conversation with my best friend, he asks me what she had to say about all the things we talked about. He sings along with hit songs on the radio and, more often than me, gets the words right (thank Goodness, because I'm talking to you, UPTOWN FUNK).

Peanut, sweet little thing that she is, thinks that she can process things in her 3 year old mind the same way Bjorn does. She tries so hard to keep up with him. The results are hilarious.

Yesterday, driving in the car to dinner, we were listening to boring, adult News Radio, when they began talking about a legal battle between the city and a company.

"What's a legal battle?" Bjorn asked.

The Hubs started to answer, but was quickly interrupted by an excited high pitched voice.

"I know what it is!" Peanut said. "It's when there are lots of bald eagles. And the bald eagles are flying around with guns and they all fight each other. Like this, POW POW!"

Yup, that's pretty much it.


On the long drive to camp last week, we started playing the word game. This is a game Bjorn made up, where he picks a letter, and we each have to name two words that start with that letter until we can't think of anymore words.

He first picked the letter "M".

"Magical Mushroom." I said.
The Hubs went next. "Marshmallow Marinade."
"My Little Pony Maker."
"Monkey Mash."
"Master Man."
"Meat Map."

And round and round we went, until the kids had exhausted all the "M" words they knew, so I was helping them along with hints.

"Ummm....," Bjorn said," Machine......ummm."

I gave him a hint, pointing at The Hubs' facial hair.

"What does Daddy have above his mouth and below his nose?"

From the backseat Peanut piped in. "A booger!"

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