Monday, June 1, 2015

A Girl's Super Hero

I took Peanut and Bjorn to what they call ""The Playhouse Store" and what I call "God's gift to Moms everywhere" this afternoon. It is actually our neighborhood grocery store, around the corner from our house. But it has FREE DAYCARE. And tons of toys. Toys we don't have. (Although I was tempted once to buy some of their toys, as they love them so much, but then what would they have to look forward to at the store?)

At the end of the visit, they each received a toy from the store toy chest for being good. Bjorn chose a Batman bouncy ball, so Peanut, in the spirit of a little sister who idolizes her big brother, also chose a superhero bouncy ball, a Wonder Woman one.

On the car ride home, she was playing with her Wonder Woman bouncy ball, when she saw something she hadn't noticed before.

Peanut: Mommy! Wonder Woman wears UNDERWEAR when she rescues people!

Me:'s not really's....

Peanut: Yes! It really is! She wears underwear in PUBLIC!

Me: It's not underwear, it's more's like a swimsuit. Like Mommy's swimsuit.

Peanut: She wears a swimsuit to rescue people?!

Me: It's not REALLY a swimsuit. It just kind of looks like one. But it's NOT underwear, because she wouldn't wear underwear in public.

Peanut: Well, she should really wear pants when she rescues people.

Seriously, she really should.

Can someone please give my girl a superhero that doesn't show cleavage or wear underwear during a rescue?!

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Frank said...

How about a true life super-hero like... Mother Teresa