Wednesday, April 8, 2015


It's been a little nutty here, what with school and work and being out of town and house renovating and various people being sick. So when Bjorn had four pages of homework due on Wednesday morning, I felt triumphant that we were done, with no tears, on early Tuesday afternoon.

It helps that he is uber quick with homework. It took almost no time at all, less than 15 minutes, for him to write 2 sentences per page about the seasons and characteristics of each and draw a picture for each page. (You should have heard him sounding out "characteristics" from the instructions. Wish I had had my video camera. Priceless moments.)

Then I walked him to school today and saw all his classmates carrying different items. A poster board of the seasons. A book about weather.

"Ummm, Bjorn. Did you have any other homework besides those pages? Were you supposed to bring something today?" I asked him.

"Nope! I got it all." he told me before running off to chase one of his friends.

My heart sank when I got home after drop-off and read his homework instructions. "I would like to have your child bring something to share with the class that shows their favorite season."

My son would have nothing.

I debated going back up to school with a baseball hat, or a pair of floaties. I decided against it - this was only kindergarten, and it wouldn't be the last time either of us forgot a homework assignment. This could be a learning lesson for both of us. Also, Peanut was sick and I didn't think it would be a good idea to drag her out of a nap to go up to school.

At pickup in the afternoon, Bjorn and I talked about school. We discussed what everyone had for lunch that day, who played with him at recess and how many other kids were wearing superhero shirts. The standard stuff.

"Well, Bjorn, did your friends bring something to show the class about seasons?" I asked, when he was done explaining that chicken smackers are just chicken nuggets with a different name.

"Yes. I did, too."

"You did? What did you show?" I asked. I know that we hadn't talked about bringing something to class. I know I didn't help him pick anything out.

"My sunglasses. And my dolphin. I told my class I liked summer." He had been chosen yesterday from the "good jar" to get a treat, and his treat for today was to be able to bring a stuffed animal to hang out with him at his desk all day. He chose a dolphin he won at the fair last fall.

"Did you know you were supposed to bring something today?"

"No. My sunglasses were just in my bag. So I used them, too!"

I have never been so thankful that I don't clean out his backpack. And that he is a quick thinker. The mom guilt for forgetting to remind him of his homework is gone. This kid is gonna be just fine.

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