Monday, April 20, 2015

Dear Hunter Seling Fans

If you've been following me over at my Renovation Superstar DIY blog, then you know that we put new kid-friendly ceiling fans in the kids rooms. Bjorn's fan is a solar system, complete with a rocket blasting off through the blades, planets and stars twirling lazily around.

Right in the middle of the fan, where the pulls hang down, is a compass.

Bjorn took one look at it and immediately said, "It's wrong."

"Wrong? What do you mean, it's wrong?" we asked.

"North is the right way," he said, pointing to the N on the compass and then in the direction of North. "But it should go North, East, South, West. And this says North, West, South, East."

And so it did.

When the compass is on the ground, looking down on it (as I'm assuming is how it's made), it is correct. But when you place it on the ceiling, the east is on the west side and the west on the east.

Of course Bjorn had to do something about it. He wanted to write a letter to Hunter Ceiling Fans explaining the mistake. He's big on letter-writing these days.

Dear Hunter Ceiling Fans, You messed up my compass on my fan. It is supposed to go NESW. But it says NWSE. From Landon, Age 5

I can't wait to hear what Hunter fans has to say back to him.

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