Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Playing Catch up

It's been crazy around here, and I keep telling myself that when it slows down, I will write about all those amazing and exhausting and wonderful things that have been happening around here.

But it never slows down.

And it won't.

Because the next time it does start to slow, I won't want to sit in front of the computer. I will want to play one of the many board games the kidlets received for Christmas (Seriously, one of the games is all about putting scoops of ice cream into a bowl. The first to get the cherry on top, wins. Best game ever. Always makes me hungry.) or we will head out to the science museum to take advantage of our new membership, or I will just sit and read that fabulous new Christmas gift book.

So this will be my jumbled list of December events. I have a Notes section in my Iphone specifically for this blog, and when I get an itch to write, or have a great idea, or see something amazing, I write it there. So, this is my notes.


On a last minute whim, we took off to Texas for Thanksgiving to see my in-laws. Best idea we had in a long time. This trip to the country was just what we needed to recharge our batteries, relax and enjoy spending time with each other.

Also, Bjorn learned how to ride a bike.

 His PapPap brought a bike to the log cabin, and while Bjorn had never been on a bike without training wheels, and there was no paved road in sight, he went for it.

And passed with flying colors. The first time.

It was awesome to see him ride across rocks and pinecones, falling into a bed of leaves and sticks after a minute or so. He had no fear, and immediately asked to have his training wheels taken off his bike at home. Fast forward to now, a month later, and he rides up and down the street, turning and braking, only occasionally falling off. He has now asked to ride his bike to school when it begins again in January. My big kid really IS a big kid.


I was lucky enough to be able to chaperone Bjorn's field trip before school ended for Holiday Break. It was to the children's museum, and I was a bit worried (that place is HUGE), but it turned out to be really fun. I had such a blast following Bjorn and his friends around room to room, playing with any and every thing they could find.

The best part was when we went into the art room, and Bjorn immediately sat down to the table, grabbing a marker and piece of construction paper.

"What are you making, Bjorn?" I asked after a few moments. I picked up the stamps from the table. "Are you drawing something to stamp?"

"I'm writing a letter." he said.

"Oh, really? To whom?" (And, yes, I actually do use "whom" in real life. I cannot tell you when and why it should be used, and when to use "Who" but I do know when it feels right to say. Even to my 5 year old. )

"To my sister." he replied, painstakingly writing all the time.

This piqued my curiosity, so I looked over his paper.

"Dear Peanut," it said," You mak me hapy."

My heart swelled.

Oh, Bjorn. YOU make me happy.


Both Bjorn and Peanut have been playing sports this season, and sadly, (or not, depending on how you like to spend your Saturday mornings), both have decided not to play again next season.

Mine's the little blondie in blue
MVG Most Valuable Goalie

Bjorn was goalie for his soccer team, a position he said he wanted because "then I don't have to run". He had an absolute blast at first, but I think the last couple of games, against very competitive, very skilled teams had him rattled.

He asked to play baseball again next season instead of soccer, which I must admit - I loved. I love baseball. But I'm not sure he has the attention span for it. The Hubs and I had to spend his soccer games standing right behind the goal so we could make sure he paid attention to the game, and not to the police sirens a few streets away, or the plane flying off into the distance, or the wind blowing the dust into the trees or.....well, you get the idea. He tends to wander. He was a damn good goalie, though.

Peanut began ballet at a local studio, and I was so impressed with all she learned at her classes. She began "passe-ing" around the house, and moved furniture out of the way so she could somersault and twirl and, as she says in the voice of Angelina Ballerina, "Dawnce and dawnce and dawnce."

Her recital was the most precious thing I have ever seen in my life, and I would take her to a hundred more dance classes just to see her dance again. Like her brother, she also wants to play baseball, and while I have told her that the uniforms aren't nearly as princess-y as ballet's, she still wants to play. It's bittersweet. I want her to follow in my second baseman footsteps, but I truly enjoyed watching her dance.

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