Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Happy Birthday, baby.

I never wanted to be one of those moms who throw parties at expensive indoor places for their little kids.

Then I had kids who both have summer birthdays. In the desert. It's 106 degrees at 9 am....and by noon, it's 116. Parks are ridiculously hot. (Why didn't they make swings white instead of black? And why do slides have to be metal!?!)  Splash pads are a joke, like spitting on a wildfire. In general, leaving the home is out of the question. We all melt over 112.

I also can barely keep my home clean for five minutes before a smoothie is spilled on the floor, or a baggie of cheezits is poured between the couch cushions or the dog has grabbed a container of crayons, leaving half eaten crayons and paper in her wake. Not to mention we are bursting at the seams here, and don't have a lot of space for friends to come over and celebrate.

So what's a mom to do?

Yes, that's right.  Indoor parties. Lots of money. And not one single thing for me to cook or clean or prepare or set up. So there is that.

With this face, I can't help but think that every dollar is worth it.

Peanut's Third birthday party was at an indoor bouncy house place. They closed off the rooms completely for her and her friends and for two fun-filled hours, they bounced and jumped and ran and spun.

She climbed over everyone so that she could sit right next to her brother

Then came the overpriced princess cupcake cake (as requested by the birthday girl),  requisite slice of pizza with lemonade, and present opening.

Happy Birthday, Queen Birthday Girl!

Bjorn's birthday was a month ago, but his, too, was at an indoor play place. This one was a pizza parlor with skeeball and car races and basketball and games.

The boys kicking the ball around

While the girls go cruisin'

He really wanted a themed party - Spiderman AND Flash Gordon. I got a little creative with his decorations, making glitter glue spiderwebs and felt lightning bolts for the table, and homemade Flash Gordon masks. (A party store had Spiderman ones, so those were pre-bought. But apparently, no one has Flash Gordon parties, so there were no decor options anywhere. Not at party stores, not on Amazon. So they had to be homemade.)

He refuses to look for pictures. Stinker.

I love Costco. Awesome cake. Perfect decorations.

Happy Birthday my wonderful little five year old.

 His friends had all the coins they wanted for playing games, more pizza than they could handle and a fabulous cake. I'm actually a little ashamed that I made goody bags for his party, though. I knew they were "expected" so I did it.....and half the kids forgot them and a few asked why there wasn't stickers/play dough/candy/insert other item they wanted here.

I did boycott the goody bags for Peanut's party, though. So I haven't completely bought into the high-priced world of kids birthday parties.....yet.**

**At Peanut's party, one little girl (who I'm not saying was, but I'm not saying wasn't one of the ones who asked why she didn't get candy in her goody bag at Bjorn's party) kept asking "Where's my goody bag? Where is it?! How come there are no goody bags?" Because I just paid a crap ton of money to have you jump in bouncy houses, eat 1/2 a slice of pizza and spill a cup of lemonade on the floor. There's your freaking goody bag, kid.

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kderoll said...

I love it! I miss you and your kids. She looks like she had a great time.