Monday, June 23, 2014

Better late than never.....a vacation to remember

I started this blog post the week after we returned from vaca.....a MONTH AGO. I am such a procrastinator. Can we pretend that this just happened?!


On Saturday, I found a deal for a Legoland vacation on a coupon website. I sent the link to The Hubs with the title "Family Vaca?!"

On Monday, he sent me an even cheaper link for Legoland through my work and said "This Sunday?"

I shook my head. No way could we plan a trip to Legoland in less than one week. No way could I work out of town for three days, landing on Saturday evening, and be ready to leave early in the morning Sunday morning.

But we could. And we did.

Our first family vacation. Our first real one. 

Not that the others weren't vacations, but this was the first time we headed to a place where none of our family lived, or owned homes, or were coming to hang out. For the first time, we were in a hotel, just the four of us, with no agenda beyond going to dinner, the beach and Legoland.


Seriously. It was awesome.

Our hotel was on the beach, a short few hundred yard walk down a flight of stairs. Everyday we took morning walks on the sand with our coffee, where we saw whales (actual whales!!!) in the ocean, and birds skimming the surface. In the evening, we played, building sand castles and running from big, scary waves.

 We spent our days walking every square inch of Legoland.

Dino dig was high on our list of must do's!

We took a detour to Vegas for the afternoon.....

Bjorn rode his first roller coaster with The Hubs - the Coastersaurus. I was riding the Safari Cars with Peanut, who LOVED them, and when we switched so I could ride the roller coaster with Bjorn, he balked. Once he knew what it was, he wasn't quite ready to tackle it again.

She has her driving face on

So does The Hubs!

He did love all the smaller rides, and since there was almost no one (I sincerely recommend LegoLand in Mid-May on a weekday!) at the park, the most time we spent waiting in line was 7 minutes. And that was to drive the little mini Volvos around a race track. Even Peanut got to partake in that one (although we did have to coach her for the whole seven minutes that when he asked her, she was to say she was 3. We were only two months off, right?!). 

Our tickets were park hopper tickets, which means we got to enjoy the Sea Life Aquarium as well as the Water park. No pics were taken in the Water Park - my camera was locked up tight, lest I lose all my pictures if a kid decided to throw a tantrum with my phone and the water. But, the kids LOVED it. Bjorn later told us that the slides and the tunnel slides were his favorite "ride". I believe it. A few weeks later, we began going regularly to the pool at the gym, and he has begun learning how to swim. It's amazing what he can do when he puts his mind to it.

Peanut's favorite "ride" wasn't a ride at all, but a collection of dots on the ground that, when you stepped near them, played music and sprayed water from a collection of insturments. Although it was definetely not a conventional "ride", her loving it reminded me of my favorite ride from Disney World - actually, the only one I really remember. It's called the Carousel of Progress, and is not what you would ever consider to be a ride, or a fun thing for a five year old. I'm weird, just like my awesome daughter. She spent SO much time playing with the water dots.

The musical dots were pretty fun!

She also rode a ride with her brother, no parents needed. First one ever. They got to drive the train!

I'm driving!

It was an exhausting, amazing trip, with just the right amount of good food and dining out for the parents and beach playing and LegoLand exploring for the kids. Best.vaca.ever

They really do love each other!

"Mom, why do we have to stand in front of this?! What is this?!"

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