Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Very Eager Mother Just Snapped Up Nine Poodles

In the car on the way home tonight, Bjorn pointed at a red light in the distance.

"Is that Mars?"

I answered without thinking. "No, Mars isn't near Earth."

"Yes it is," the 4 year old genius replied. "It's the planet closest to Earth."

I quickly went through my junior high astronomy. My Very Eager Mother Just Snapped Up Nine Poodles. My Very Early Morning Just Stopped Under Nosy Places. MVEMJSUNP. 

There were two M's, so it didn't help me much, but....

"Ok, sure, that could be Mars. MVEMJSUNP."

"Ma-Vem-ja-what?!" he asked.

"Oh, well.....that's the order of the planets. I guess it's Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto. But, maybe not Pluto anymore."

I could see him nodding in my rear view mirror. "Uh huh. Because Pluto is the special planet."

"The special planet?! What do you mean?" 

"Pluto is the special planet. It's the smallest one."

That's right. Not really a Planet with a Capital P anymore, it's a dwarf planet, kicked out of my MVEMJSNUP.

"How did you know that, Bjorn?"

He shrugged. "I just know."

Or it might be the Disney Channel. 

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