Tuesday, February 25, 2014

She is Fierce

About a year and a half ago, Peanut became very opinionated.

Although it might have been there from the moment she was born, but we just missed it. Maybe she didn't really have acid reflux, she was just voicing her aversions to everything we were doing? I have the feeling this part of her, her temperament, was not created in nurture, but given to her through nature.**

She refused to sit in her high chair, but ate dinner in a chair like the rest of us. Not in a booster. In a big person chair at the big person table. She didn't so much throw a fit as...... told us what she wanted. Pick your battles, right?! Since sitting in a real chair let us get the big, clunky chair out of our small kitchen, it was a win-win.

She also decided she didn't like any clothes that didn't have kitties, Disney or Nick Jr characters and candy (polka dots) on it. All those cute clothes I bought in preparation for a cute, fun, little girl were bought in waste. I am pretty sure that the entire last year she rotated through the same four shirts.

Some will say - well, just make her do it. MAKE her. Some also don't have children and should keep their mouths shut.

Just sayin'.

When she doesn't want something, she lets you know. Sometimes it is with a simple refusal that, if you push the issue, becomes a pleading, horribly sad "No. no nonono  no  no no n o no n o" and it's so heartbreaking you have to forget that you wanted her to take off her rainboots because its 120 degrees outside, and just wrap her in a hug. Sometimes - like that one time I tried to force her into a Christmas dress that *GASP* didn't have a picture of Sofia the First on it - she becomes the Tasmanian Devil. 26 lbs and 30th percentile of ferociousness and kicking legs and scratching nails and judo.

But I never really know with this girl. She is one to keep me guessing.

She now refuses to sit anywhere BUT in her booster chair. It was brought out from the garage when a friend was over with her 9 month old and we needed a place for him to eat. Now, Peanut sits there for meals, or uses that seat to feed her little baby dolls.

She also has become the girliest of girlie girls. When I said that I wasted cute clothes on her last year, I mean the camo and pink pants that she wouldn't wear, the casual tank tops that went unworn. Now she wants to wear nothing but princess dresses, and pink pink pink pink.

Have I mentioned that I hate pink?

Ok, well.... not hate the color, exactly. But I hate that all girls stuff has to be pink. Before Peanut was even born - before we knew we were having a girl - I was dead set against anything being pink. We painted the nursery blue. I bought green curtains. PINK was a four letter word.

Pink is now my world.

She asked to get ice cream tonight saying, "I going to have pink ice cream with pink sprinkles. Mmmm mmm." That's my girl, all right. Pink sprinkles. Her favorite color, she told me last week, is "princess".

Now she shuns all character shirts for dresses she can twirl in, shirts with ruffles and stripes and flowers. She wants "two ponies" (pigtails) with bows....every bow she owns. She wears them all at once.

She is a stubborn, obstinate little girl and I love every bit of it.

Well, mostly. I wish I could figure out how to get her to do what I want her to do, but I haven't quite figured it out yet. Yelling doesn't work. Nor does explaining or describing. Bribery doesn't work either.

All I know is, it is going to be one heck of a ride of a life with her beside me. The quotes I bought for her wall totally sum it up.

Be fierce, my little one. You've got some mountains to move.

** In fact, I am reading "The temperament God gave your spouse" and have found a version for kids. I plan to check it out soon.

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