Thursday, February 27, 2014


So I don't know what I have been doing the month of February, because I most definitely haven't been working or writing. Maybe I've been enjoying life? Playing with my kids? Going to the park?

Maybe. But I really don't remember doing more than the usual of that, either.

But I have some catch up to do on this blog.... or, as I call it, the kiddo's keepsake diary.

In January we signed Bjorn up for Kid First Hockey, a FREE (did you hear that?! FREE!) four week program for kids 4-12 to try out hockey. Bjorn was issued elbow pads and shoulder pads and shin pads and a helmet and jersey and this kid was in heaven. His very own (super over-sized) hockey gear.

His game face

Isn't he just the cutest?!

Never have I seen him so motivated. For the entire 4 week course, all we had to do to get him to finish his dinner is to tell him that Shane Doan eats his entire dinner before he plays hockey.

He even carries his own gear...which is twice the size of him

Hockey is over now, and we start baseball in two weeks. We probably would have continued with hockey, but the only day its offered in February and March is Wednesdays at 5 pm. Who can do that?! The Hubs doesn't often get to leave work until after 5:30 and I fly most Wednesdays. So, hockey will just have to wait until practice is on Saturday mornings....or at least until 6 pm weekdays.

His biggest fan.

Peanut has been Bjorn's biggest fan during hockey, but she seemed to have very little interest in trying it herself. Which worked out well, as she was content to watch him and cheer him on. I DID win a $50 gift card to a local gymnastics studio, and am figuring out which class to start her in. Gymnastics? Dance? Cheer? She is very interested in all three of those, and I've also recently started to teach her yoga. She's a

Remember this? Planking at 6 months old

Most babies sit, she planks.

Still planking at 7 months old. Wish I had a pic of her doing this now - she still does it!

A few weeks ago, we threw a "Potty Party" for Peanut, complete with the musical potty song, pin the toilet paper on the potty and the TP toss around the living room. It was a blast to have some of Peanut and Bjorn's friends over for a day all about potty-ing.

Musical Potties

TP toss was their favorite

In case you're wondering, I threw the party because I was picked as a host from House and Pull-ups. But after perusing Pinterest and Google for party ideas, it is apparently a REAL thing that crazy people do even when someone hasn't given them coupons and free pull-ups. Some creative foodie genius even came up with a mini toilet snack: a mini white doughnut, topped with a marshmallow on back to create the toilet tank. I thought about making those and putting two brown m&ms in the middle of the doughnut.

If nothing else, the potty part was an excuse for a playdate on a Saturday morning. And an even better excuse to finally teach my son how to "roll" a tree in the front yard. He is now ready for junior high pranks. And my decorations for the Potty Party were the easiest ones ever. Did you know a 6 pack of one ply toilet paper is only a $1?!

Getting these kids to smile at a camera is like asking a crocodile to sing opera.

I'm sure there is much more to hear about soon. What's going on in your neck of town?

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