Sunday, January 19, 2014

101 in 1001

It is cool now to not make New Years Resolutions. To throw the towel in the face of life, smarting off that you don't 'need a January 1st to start your resolutions' and 'I make resolutions all year long'.

I do it. I've done it every year.

And then nothing gets done.

Because without a timeline, without a deadline, I turn into a Master Procrastinator. Top notch putter-offer. Best of the best at doing nothing and dragging that nothing out a looooooong time.

So I stole an idea from a friend this year.

101 in 1001.

101 things in 1001 days. A deadline that is easy to follow - a little less than 3 years. I can do anything in three years. Hell, in the last three years I've had a kid and STILL been able to continue raising the first one. Three years ago, I did not know how I was going to do it,  and while it isn't easy, I have done it. If I can raise two kids, I can do anything!

I started writing my 101 in 1001 a while ago, but it's not as easy as I thought. The first twenty or so were, but after that,  it started to become a To Do list. Fold laundry, pay bills, get oil change. Of course, this was a much more interesting To Do list, but a To Do list all the same.

Then I realized that of course it felt like a To Do list. It IS. It IS a To Do list -  for the next three years. A huge, gigantic Honey Do List for myself. Sort of like a Bucket List (because, really, isn't a bucket list just a To Do list before you go?!) except I don't plan on going anywhere in the next three years. I plan on doing what my fellow 101-er did and, in 1001 days, I plan on making another one of these lists. I foresee a lot of seeing and doing and living in the next 1001 days and I am looking forward to it greatly.

Want to join me? Post your 101 in 1001 below or email it to me. Let's keep ourselves on deadline!
(Note: a few of these I did borrow from my friend.....101 things to come up with was hard! And her ideas were so  good!)

101 in 1001
By: Me

1. Take my kids to the roller rink
2. Read the Bible
3. Go on a marriage encounter weekend/seminar with The Hubs
4. Take an overnight NON-KID vacation with The Hubs
5. Go to a mystery dinner theatre
6. Visit Canada
7. Visit Mexico
8. Write novel
9. Send novel off for publication
10. Eat beignets in New Orleans
11. Camp in Yosemite
12. Go to Pikes Market in Seattle
13. Visit The Hubs' grandparents on the East Coast
14. Go to an NBA game
15. Plant a vegetable garden
16. Actually remember to reap the veggies from vegetable garden
17. Visit the Desert Botanical Gardens
18. Go skiing in Colorado
19. Take a vacation with The L's (The Hubs' best friend)
20. Visit KM and her kids in Texas
21. Go to a TTU Football Game
22. Pray the rosary every day for 30 days
23. Blog three days a week for a month
24. Write 500 words a day, 5 days a week for a month
25. Run a half marathon
26. Run a 5k
27. Run a survivor or mud run
28. Play on an adult softball team
29. Reread five classics from junior high/high school
30. Take a community college/online course
31. Color my hair red
32. Donate using the tax credit to AZ schools
33. Organize pictures into albums
34. Finish Peanut's baby album
35. Finish Bjorn's baby album (yikes!)
36. Print off and bind blog pages for posterity
37. Print pictures from last two years (again, yikes!)
38. Donate $10 for every item on the list not done
39. Make 12 blessings bags and pass them out to the homeless
40. Have one non-technology day a week, for four
41. Go horseback riding
42. Make wills
43. Pay for the car behind me at the drive-thru
44. Learn how to shoot a gun
45. Learn how to drive a motorcycle
46. Run 3 days a week for a month (ugh)
47. Sell/donate any clothes (besides wedding dress!) not worn in five years
48. Mail 5 friends hand-written letters JUST BECAUSE
49. Reconnect with 3 friends I've lost touch with but haven't forgotten
50. Updo my guest bathroom
51. Updo my laundry room
52. Quit biting my nails
52. Do 100 ab exercises and 50 pushups/arm exercises 5 days a week for a month.
53. Make my bed every day for a month.
54. Learn to play piano.
55. Reteach myself ASL, enough to be able to converse with a deaf person.
56. No spending for two weeks. NONE.
57. Take my kids to White Sands in New Mexico.
58. Visit Graceland.
59. Visit Dollyworld.
60. Double my savings account.
61. Go paragliding.
62. Go ziplining.
63. See a (off) Broadway musical
64. Visit the New York Christmas tree in Times Square
65. Go to a Smithsonian Museum
66. Go to an actual auction house for an auction
67. 10 year vow renewal/anniversary trip
68. Hike the Grand Canyon again
69. Get glasses with the proper prescription
70. Add pieces to my wedding china
71. Visit Sweet Salvage in Phoenix
72. Visit the last two spring training facilities where I haven't seen games (Scottsdale Stadium and Salt River Fields)
73. Unclutter my junk email
74. Do the Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course
75. Buy stock
76. Buy myself a nice pair of earrings
77.  Tip 100%
78. Cook dinner at home for two weeks
79. Take my girl for her first pedicure
80. Donate blood
81. Watch ten movies where I read the book first
82. Fly in a helicopter
83. Go sledding
84. Organize photos on my computer
85. Submit articles to 10 magazines
86. The love dare
87. Karaoke
88. Have a game night
89. Learn how to grill
90. Hike camelback mountain
91. Go on a family bike ride
92. Golf the full 18 holes with The Hubs
93. Learn to crochet
94. Meet someone at the airport with a sign and maybe a song
95. Visit a hot springs
96. Take surfing lessons
97. Try paddle boarding
98. Take a self defense class
99. Send/deliver 5 surprise packages
100. Gamble on a riverboat
101. Call 5 companies to thank them for good service

I can't wait to start on my list!!! Who's with me? Let's do this together.  Share your list with me and let's make our dreams happen together! !


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Anonymous said...

We're in for #11, Need to convince Megan!!! We're up for #88 & 90 anytime. 83 would be fun with the kids! Guess I'm inviting my family on your adventures! :)

Mommy This and That said...

Nice list. I wonder if I could just copy a bunch of yours that I have done and then cross them off to feel really accomplished? ;-)

Also...I am so not a camping girl, glamping, yes? Camping no...but I want to camp in Yosemite SO BAD! :D