Sunday, January 19, 2014

Diary of a Big Girl Bed

Tonight, for no reason other than that we could, we turned Peanut's crib into a toddler bed.

She hasn't started climbing out. She sleeps super late (we sometimes have to wake her to get Bjorn to preschool by 9:30!) and still takes 2+ hour naps a day. She loves her bed.

So why now?

She started wearing Pull-Ups yesterday, and she pooped in the potty twice this week. If she keeps this up, we might have her housebroken by Super Bowl! But when she is in her crib, she can't get out to go potty, and sometimes it does take us a few minutes to get to her. This way she can leave her room if she needs to potty.

We had some pretty disastrous times with Bjorn. It started out bad and continued worse and worse.  I'll be honest - he still is a pretty horrible sleeper. It has nothing to do with his bed; it's just the way he is. And always has been. It's utterly exhausting, but that's Bjorn for you!

We were prepared for the same for Peanut.

We played a little bit in her bed today, but she really showed very little interest in it. Bjorn brought her some pillows for her new bed - since he has 30 and she has none. She loved the attention, lying her head down on the pillows and pretending to sleep. That lasted for about three minutes until she was all, "Oh, I have this new bed. That's nice, now let's go play in my princess castle!"

We even gave her a new Princess Belle dress because she is SUCH a big girl and she deserves a BIG GIRL dress and a BIG GIRL bed and because we have been waiting for an excuse to give her the dress.... and she loved the dress. So much so that she wouldn't stay still to take a picture. She still could care less about the bed.

Twirly girl

Tonight is Take One in the Big Girl Bed.

So far, so good.

She walked to bed, no fighting (as usual). Rocked for 5 minutes or so. When I asked her if she wanted to go to bed, she said "Yes" (as usual). She lay down, said good night and closed her eyes. I walked out, closing the door behind me.

My independent girl. She can handle this.

Easy peasy.

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Mommy This and That said...

So jealous! S actually went to his big boy bed with no issues. T? She goes and will nap w/o telling us but to sleep at night? She sleeps for maybe 4 hours and then will SCREAM like a banshee for me after those 4 hours. I have to actually sleep with her in order to get a full nights rest. Which is ok, but I miss MY bed. *sigh* And don't even get me started on potty training...