Friday, September 27, 2013

A simple walk

During our trip around the block this morning, Bjorn rides his bike in front of me and the Princess Peanut, who is being pulled (regally) in her wagon. His commentary of the trip never stops.

"Does it smell like I toot, Mommy?"

"Noooooo." I reply. "Why, did you?!"

"Yeah. I lifted my butt and toot in the air. Because if I toot on my seat, my seat will be all stinky. And we will have to wash it. So, I toot in the air."

Then he rides along again, satisfied with his tooting ability.

"Look, Mommy! A saguaro cactus. Two saguaro cactus!" Bjorn points across the street. "They must be brother and sister. Like me and Peanut."

"I NOT a cactus!" shouts Peanut. "I a Big Girl. YOU a sa-waro!"

"No, Peanut. The CACTUS are brother and sister. There are two of them. See? See!!?"

"Oh yah." she says, nodding along with him.

A few minutes later he says again. "Mommy?!"

I wait for it, curious what it will be this time.

"This is the spot where Daddy saved me." he states matter of fact.

"Daddy saved you?"

"Yes. Do you remember that? I fell right here and Daddy saved me. I only got one scratch on my tummy. Remember?"

"No, I don't remember that, Bjorn."  I really don't remember it, along with countless other times he has fallen off his bike and his out of his wagon and off the swing.  I also know he gets so agitated when you don't remember something that he does, and I'm a bad silly mom who likes to agitate him just for fun.

"Mommy! Use your brain! You have to remember! You have to bring your brain with you, and then you remember!! Do you remember now?"

He is so adamant about me remembering that I don't have the heart to tell him this event - this oh-so-important saving of him by his Daddy- is lost in the cracks of my shaky memory. "Yes, Bjorn. I remember."

"See, Mommy? You have to use your brain." He shakes his head and rides off.

Yes, Bjorn. Yes, you do.


"Yes, Bjorn?" Who knows what it is going to come out of this kids mouth today?

He points at a few signs up ahead.

"We live on street Fifty Two." He transposes the speed limit sign for 25. "And this means 'No bad Guys Allowed'. Like The Toy-Takers. No toy takers allowed on my street!"

Most entertaining walk ever.

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