Sunday, August 4, 2013

One of Each

After I had Bjorn, my stitches had barely healed before the question came.

"Are you going to have any more kids?"

Not that it was any of their business (my relatives, my co-workers, the cashier at the grocery store), but everyone made it their business. And not that we were going to do it right away or anything because I could barely think through one baby at that point, so two was pretty unfathomable.

Yes, I knew I wanted to have more. I had always wanted 6 kids, but that was when I met my Hubs when we were 19 and thought we would get married and have babies right away. Waiting 6 years to marry and another 2 to have kids changed my mind a little. The older I grew, the more I knew.

I was ready for the questioning after we had Peanut. Little did I know, the question had changed.

"Now that you have one of each, are you done having kids?"

One of each, I thought to myself, as I looked at my son and daughter.

One who is snuggly and likes to fall asleep on my lap, one very independent who likes space to sprawl when sleeping.

One who loves books and reading and making up stories and one who loves drawing and coloring and finding pictures hidden in puzzles.

One who can hit a baseball across the field and one who can bend themselves completely in half.

One who needs to wear a hat everyday, and one who consistently puts the shoes on the wrong feet.

One who cries and scuffs around and holds onto a grudge, and one who screams to the rooftops, then forgets about it a minute later.

One who lives for ninjas, garbage trucks and firefighters, and one who can't let go of the baby, Minnie Mouse or microphone.

One who break dances when the music is on and one who twirls and whirls to a tune no one but they can hear.

One who slept through the night from 6 months on, and one who still sneaks into our bed every night.

Both who love hugs and kisses. Both who love movies with dancing and singing and cartoon characters. Both who make friends as easily as they breathe. Both who eat string cheese and yogurt and blueberries every single day. Both who want to stir their own chocolate milk and press the microwave button all by themselves to start their oatmeal.

Both who bring something special and amazing and wonderful to our family because they are uniquely and specially THEM. Not because they are male or female. Not because I needed a set, a child salt and pepper set.

So will we have more kids?

I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not. But I know that if we do, it will be another uniquely special, uniquely amazing, uniquely wonderful one. Boy, or girl.


kderoll said...

Sounds like a good answer to me. We don't even have the second one yet and people are asking about more: "now that you have one of both (even though we don't yet) do you want more, . . . do you still want more?" The questions start with "when are you two getting married?" and they just don't stop.

Daniela Escobar said...

This is awesome! thank you for sharing!
I am the kind of person that always asks if they are gonna have more kids, to any parent :).