Thursday, August 15, 2013

Belated Happy Birthday, Take Two

Now for my girl. She was turning 2, and while she most definitely has opinions on what she does and doesn't like, she is not as attached them to like Bjorn is.  Planning a party for her was much easier.

Let's face it, after Bjorn's shin dig, I really wasn't in the mood to plan another party. I just wanted a simple get together with friends and family. (Although I didn't learn my lesson and still created a "theme" for her party, too. Sigh. Will I ever learn?)  I even nixed The Hubs plan to grill hot dogs and hamburgers because it just sounded like too much work. Instead we ordered the world's largest pizza from a local pizza place. Perfect.

The party was at our house, which meant I had to clean (ugh!) but also meant I didn't have to pack the kids up and head out anywhere (yay!). And while 6 pm may seem like an awkward time to start a toddlers birthday party, it works well for our family. Peanut usually wakes from her 3 hour nap (yes! 3 hours!!!) about 5 o'clock, and heads down to bed at 8:30. It's so hot here in AZ that even in the morning, the sun would beat down unrelentingly, but in the evening, an outdoor pool party was a little cooler. I think by 7:30 pm, it was down to about 105 or 106 degrees. Positively cold for an AZ summer.

She wouldn't wear them, so someone had to wear the mouse ears!

Water logged and loving it.

Peanut loved every moment of her party.

From the minute her first little guest arrived, to the pizza, fruit and pasta salad. From the pool we could barely drag her out of, even for the prospect of black frosting and ice cream, to the way she stood so still and quiet, eyes wide and wondering, watching as everyone sang her a Happy Birthday song. From trying to blow out her candles herself, to opening her first gift and not letting it - a Baby "Pwincess" doll - out of her grip for the next two weeks. From sharing all her new toys with her friends, to waving happily as the last person left, she loved every minute of it.

The cake? Stunning. The black frosting? Not such a great idea.

What a big girl!

Not so pretty was the aftermath of black frosting!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl.

The Perfect Family Portrait

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Melisa - Mommy This & That said...

You're looking fab! Looks like it was a great time for all but especially for M. T's first party will be when she turns 3. I want to do a theme but I have a feeling it won't be the same one she will want...