Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Could it be true?!

This morning, Peanut woke up with a sort of dry diaper.

I say sort of because it was an overnight diaper and those suckers hold so much, and are so heavy to begin with, I almost couldn't tell if she had used it at all.

I took off her diaper and she immediately began shouting "Pee pee! Mommy, Pee pee!"

Which isn't anything new in our house. It wouldn't be a day in the PB & bananas household without someone yelling about Pee and Poop. But this time she wouldn't stop the shouting.

So I opened the bathroom door and told her to go for it. A few seconds later, I hear her laughing. And the sound of pee splashing on water.

She was peeing in the potty. The big potty, even - not her little baby potty. Just like she had told me she needed.

I started clapping. Daddy starting clapping. Bjorn started clapping.

And Peanut? She alternated between laughing and saying "Oh. My. Gosh. Oh My Gosh, Mommy."

Disclaimer: I don't think she's potty trained and I don't think she's potty training. Bjorn did the same thing when he was about 18 months old, and then completely lost interest for about a year. But if the girl wants to pee on the potty, gosh darn it I'm going to put her there. I've heard girls train faster. I've heard second kids train faster. Whatev. I just think its fun to try WITHOUT candy or toys this time around!

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