Thursday, July 11, 2013

Check that off the list!

A few years ago, I wrote out a bucket list.

It had everything in it I wanted to do, from the exciting and glamorous, to the mundane and expected.

I quickly crossed off a few: 
Get married. Check
Have children. Double check. 
Become a flight attendant. Check again.

A few remained unchecked. 

Hear a mass by the Pope in Vatican City. Have my own custom bobble head. Stay overnight in an underwater hotel. Be published in Reader's Digest.

All these things mean something special to me. They aren't arbitrary. Attending mass in Vatican City, with the Holy Father presiding, is, I imagine, every Catholic's dream. I'm no different. I imagine it would be cleansing, spiritual, and uplifting.

Every sport has giveaway nights, where fans can get bobble heads of their favorite players. These bobble heads then sit on desks and tables everywhere, entertaining people with their constant "yes yes yes yes yes yes yes". Someday, I'd like to be that entertaining. And only the best players on the team get their own toy, so becoming a bobble head? It would mean I'm one of the best.

I'm deathly scared of being underwater. Many times I have tried scuba diving with my diving certified husband. Many times I have freaked out, panicked and thrown myself to the top of the water, unable to take even a few seconds underwater. Staying in the underwater hotel will give me an idea of what he sees and finds so amazing under the sea - without having to breathe from a ventilator.

And, finally - being published in Reader's Digest. Growing up, we always had a Reader's Digest lying around the house. So did the doctor's office, the dentists'. My neighbors house. It seemed everywhere I went, a Reader's Digest was there. It became to me the epitome of writing. As young as 9 years old, I would send off funny quips to RD, hoping to see my name in print. If someday I was published in Reader's Digest, then I would know, just know, that I was good enough, smart enough, and gosh darn it, people liked me.

The day is now.

It's not the full feature editorial I always pictured I would write. It's not even a half page article. It is a 5 sentence, real-life comedic glimpse into life with a toddler. Much like everything else I have written here. But this time, it was published in Reader's Digest.

And while it may not have been exactly as I always thought it would be, it still happened.

Be published in Reader's Digest. Check.


Melody said...

Congratulations! That is too cool! Now I can say I know a published author. :)

kderoll said...

Congratulations!! That is awesome. How do I find a copy?