Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The little things that count.....

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

It is the random firsts that you sometimes remember the most.

Like that one time the night time routine started out just like it did every night.

She gives kisses to doggie.
She gives kisses to Daddy.
To Bjorn.
And Mommy.

We have a family hug, and I reach down to grab her in my arms.

"Night night, Peanut. I love you."

And instead of blowing a kiss, as she has done on every other night, she says "Night night. I wuuuuuuvveee you."

Your heart beats a little faster.

"What did you say Peanut? Did I hear you right?! Say it again!"

Then she looks right at you, smiles sweetly and says, "I wuuuuuuuuvvee you Mommy."

And you feel so special and warm and gooey inside because it is the first time she said I love you and you know - KNOW - that you will never forget this day.

Until the next day you hear her.

"I wuuuuuuuuve you baby. I wuuuuuuuuve you book. I wuuuuuvvve you cereal. I wuuuuuuuuve you sock."

You have to laugh. Because while it means so much to you to hear it, for her it is one more way to express herself. And she really does love cereal.


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