Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The fabulous world of Online Shopping

My name is Mommy and I am addicted to online shopping. Facebook, Ebay, Living Social. You name it, I follow it. I am 100% completely and totally A-One-Addicted.

And I'm not apologizing for it.

Last  year for our 5 year anniversary, the Hubs and I couldn't decide how to celebrate. Until, that is, a deal popped up on Living Social for a hot air balloon ride for 50% off. $185 and one week later, and we were off on our adventure through the clear blue skies of Arizona.

It's not always a bad thing to be addicted to online shopping.

Over the years I have gotten some pretty awesome deals, from car seats and vacations to shoes and electronics.

The problem is when we begin buying things we don't "need". I put this in quotes, because in absolutely no economic pie chart in any place EVER is there a spot for "anniversary hot air balloon ride" under the "need" category. "Needs" are food, water, love and shelter. The rest is just gravy.

Except that it's really not anymore.

I know that I don't need that perfect pair of boots to go with my perfect skinny jeans, and that's why I'm not spending the $350 to purchase them. But I do need footwear to function in today's society (no shirt, no shoes, no service!!), and while I have no desire to keep up with the Joneses, I do like to feel cute in a Moms-in-a-rush kind of way, so the $45 boots I bought are, well, kinda a need. Really.

According to a recent Nielsen report, Moms, on average, are 35% more likely to shop for clothing online. Any mom can believe that, or even think the number might even be a lot higher. Whether you have a screaming three year old, a teething one year old or a bored ten year old, no Mom wants to drag their child along. Whenever I bring Bjorn and Peanut with me anywhere, I always spend a lot more than planned; I can't even function, things just start getting thrown in the cart.

But I am a little obsessed, and it's starting to show in my budget. $5 here and there doesn't sound like anything big. . . until you add that up over a month. $5 a day on miscellaneous cheap - and adorable - kids shirts and pants can add up to $150 at the end of the month! And that is definitely not in the budget.

So lately have begun to second guess my penny spending, and be very aware of what I am buying and why. Did I spend three weeks hunting for those perfect toddler cowboy boots because I really want them, or because I think I am supposed to want them?  Why exactly does my 1 year old daughter need to be dressed in quasi-designer clothes when I can't even muster up the energy to fix her hair? We all need clothes, but do we really need clothes?!

It came to me in an epiphany last week at work on the airplane.

A mom came on the plane, in the perfect skinny jeans and perfect boots (that I have been searching for everywhere). From her thick, straight hair to her dangle earrings and flawlessly applied makeup, she looked stunning. Her three year old son was also perfectly dressed - designer shirt, shoes that cost more than my last haircut, with his hair gelled and moussed. They both could have stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine.

And his finger was stuck up his nose the entire flight.

No matter how much we dress our kids in expensive designer clothes, they are still going to poop their pants and be enthralled with boogers. Still.


Melisa - Mommy This & That said...

Exactly. And you make an awesome point about wanting the items because we are suppose to want them...rather than the child actually needs them! I see pictures of other kids and see that they have so many pairs of shoes (my kids have about 2 pairs for each season and rainboots) and I think, "oh, I guess T needs cowboy boots and faux Uggs and..and...and..) And yes, even 5$ here and there adds up in the end! I also find that it is waaaayyy easier to shop for the kids than me!

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