Monday, July 2, 2012

Oops, I forgot to post again!

Let's pretend that the reason I haven't updated with all our exciting, awesome news is that we have been so busy enjoying each other and the summer, that I haven't had the time to write.

Not because I'm tired and it's too hot to think and Despicable Me and Finding Nemo are on continuous loop.

Before I get to the news, I want to apologize to my Peanut. I'm sorry you are the second baby and while I documented every sneeze and poop-splosion your big brother made, your updates are few and far between. Or is this a good thing? Will you be glad I didn't commemorate the occasion of pooping through two shirts, one jacket and all the way up your back and down your neck just as we were next in line to see Santa? (What?! Did I really not blog about that?! True story.)

Peanut. . . . well, she has some big news of her own. 

She's walking!

She has been walking for like three weeks now, but I really don't know when to call her official "walking" date. When Bjorn began walking, he took 14 steps, fell down, and never crawled again. Peanut has taken three-to-four steps, fallen, and then realized she can get there a lot quicker by crawling. An hour later, she will try walking again, take three steps, fall on her tuffet and crawl. 

So does that count? Or do I count four (five? three? six?) days ago when she took 12 steps, fell, got up, and took 5 more steps? And then crawled the rest of the day? 

She will crawl after her big brother from one side of the house to the other, her little knees reddening as she bangs them on the wood floor. Her feet blacken - even with daily sweeping and mopping - as she swiffers herself across the house. I can't wait until she can walk.

Whatever the official date is, I guess doesn't matter. What matters is she is walking. 

And I finally got around to telling you.

More updates on the Bjorn man soon!

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