Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SUPER Birthday!

My big boy turned 3 on Sunday and in true, Pinterest-loving fashion, I couldn't just have a few friends meet us at a local park, throw a few cupcakes on the picnic tables and let the big day fly by.

No. Not I.

I have to start planning 6 weeks before the big day, waking The Hubs in the middle of the night to debate themes (Finding Nemo vs. Go!Diego!Go!) and madly perusing websites for creative do-it-yourself ideas.

So when I finally chose a theme I thought would be super-easy to decorate for (Super-Bjorn!), I was shocked - but ready - to find that Superman is so five years ago, therefore no one (NO ONE!) carries Superman stuff anymore.

Seriously. If you want Super Heroes, you have to go the way of Spider-man, Batman, The Avengers or Iron Man. Not that they aren't cool and everything, but Superman? For his day job, he was a reporter. So cool. And he can fly. Without web hands and a silly car. He is soooo cool.

At first Bjorn wasn't really on board with SuperMan, but that's only because The Hubs kept asking him what he wanted. ("Bjorn, do you want a Thomas the Train cake? How about Mickey Mouse?") as if the kid doesn't have enough years ahead of him to pick who he likes. Can't I pick this one? I promise I'll let him pick his own cake next year (maybe).

Or maybe we will do Super Bjorn again next year. His cupcakes looked - and tasted - AWESOME!!!

But soon Superman became SuperCool to him and he began talking about super heroes saving the day and his cake with a superhero on it. Although I may have picked the theme, Bjorn grabbed onto Superman's cape and ran with it.

And the kid knows what he likes. It ain't a party to Bjorn unless there are cupcakes, party hats, balloons and candles. (Although yesterday he added "and presents too. I want to open them!" Sneaky kid.)

So the kid got party hats. But not just any party hats for my Super Bjorn. SUPER Party Hats.

And, while every kid needs streamers and gaudy decorations to spice up a boring picnic table, Super Bjorn needed something a little more. . . super.

And as a rule, parties these days are not complete without crappy fun favors for kids to bring home and leave lying around their house as yet another toy for their parents to pick up. Bjorn gave his friends a water gun (BOOM!), a Splash Bomb water toy (SPLAT!) and a flying SUPER Tootsie Roll (YUM!). And yes, I do spend too much time on Pinterest, thanks for asking.

I spent so much time preparing for the party and all of a sudden it was here and - BAM! SPLAT! BOOM! - my Bjorn was 3.

Oh my how the time flies.

From this in 2011. . . . . 

To this!

It really was such a fun day. It was a perfect, hot, Arizona summer day, so it was a great day to be at the splash pad.

 I don't want to be one of those parents who keeps saying "I can't believe my kid is so big. Stop growing."

But, really, Bjorn?! Stop growing. Right now. Stop!

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Baby Mama said...

The cake is AMAZING!!!