Thursday, June 21, 2012

Staying at Home

My work allows me to take loads and loads of maternity leave. Plenty of maternity leave. 2 months before the birth (sometimes more, if things get complicated) and 6-7 months AFTER the babe's birth.

Like I said, plenty of maternity leave. My company is generous.

So for a few months after my babies were born, I was a SAHM. I didn't go to work. I took care of my kids and my family and my household.

And I found that when being a SAHM, my world shrunk to the size of my home.

I didn't care about the price of rice in China. In fact, as far as I knew, they no longer had rice and were now eating some genetically mutated rice-type food! Who has time to think about stocks and bonds and presidents and passing laws when I am spending all my time researching why the toddler hasn't pooped in 6 days, prying things out of the infant's mouth (a toy car tire! dog hair! a hairtie!) and perpetually keeping the toddler from sitting on/knocking over/pulling on/crashing into his baby sister.

I didn't read news. I read articles concerning teething and ways to disguise food for a picky eater.

I didn't see it when I was in the midst of it, but now that I am back to work, I realize how small my world had become. As small as a baby.

Most of you know I don't love my job. Even after 7 years, I don't consider being a flight attendant my "career". But I love what my job gives me.

I get free time. I get alone time. I get to get away and see places and things I would never have seen without it. I get to have adult conversations with adults regarding adult things. I get to read a book without a toddler wanting to play twenty questions, shave my legs in complete privacy and eat an entire meal all by myself. And I get paid very well to do it.

That's enough for me right now.

I have all these aspirations to do so much more than I am currently doing, but I just don't have the energy. I feel like in maybe two years, or three or five, my kids won't need so much of me all the time and I will have the time to do some of the things I know I can do with my life. Some of the things I have been talking about literally my entire life.

But for now, this job allows me the ability to feel sometimes like a SAHM who gets to participate in activities and playdates and sports classes and storytimes, while also getting me out into that big, wide world we live in and giving me a little perspective beyond the blinders of my children and family life. I guess that's good enough.


NicoleD said...

amen friend!!! Awesome Post

Jen said...

Wow. For some strange reason it didn't occur to me that motherhood and a career of stewarding, (if that's a real world) could be combined. I personally think its fabulous! How do you manage it?

Me Too said...

How do I manage it? Sometimes very well an sometimes very very badly.

It really is only a hard as you make it. Some moms work 5 days a week 9 hours a day. I work 3 days a week for a total of about 50 hours gone. It is different, but not for my kids. It's all they've ever known!

HartleyKiddo said...

I know it's not for everyone but I feel blessed to be a SAHM. My mom worked all the time to support me and my 2 siblings. She really missed out on a lot. I stopped working at 33 to spend time with my daughter. It was my new chapter in my life and it really is what you make of it! My motto was don't change what you do but instead get your kids used to your lifestyle!

HartleyKiddo said...
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