Thursday, June 7, 2012

The One Where I'm Thankful for my Kiddos

I know I complain and bitch and wax comical about all things motherhood related, but I'm saying this now, so don't make me repeat it:

I don't think I write enough about how adorable my kids are. Truly, they are remarkably happy little bundles of fun.

Peanut makes everyone instantly fall in love with her.

Her hair - what little of it she has - stands up in a feathered mohawk. On a good day she looks like a baby peacock. A bad day she looks like a mad scientist. Although sometimes The Hubs tries to tame it, I would never dream of it. It would be like taming a wild tiger; better to let it run free and do as it will.

The Mad Scientist herself!

She squeals and shrieks when she is excited, which is when she sees her bottle (food!!), her brother (fun!!), the dog (pull hair!!), the vacuum (loud!!) and anything else you can possibly think of. Our house pretty much always sounds like a bird cage at the zoo. Except when it sounds like the monkey habitat. They both know how to make monkey noises.

As long as someone is looking at her, she has a perma-grin, her 2 bottom teeth and 4 teeth widely on display in the biggest smile I've ever seen on a baby. She is so incredibly happy that I've thought about nicknaming her Smiley, but I don't want that to someday get changed to Miley and then have her grow up to be a big Disney star and half-way singer and get tattoos all over her sides and back and have millions of dollars in the bank and a gorgeous film star boyfriend taking her to premieres and red carpet events.

Hmmmm. . . . . maybe I need to rethink that. . .

She really does laugh at everything, but mostly she is crawling around, following her big brother, whom she is 110% completely head over heels in love with. And he with her.

Most mornings, if Bjorn hasn't snuck into our bed at 2 am, we wake to the sound of his voice on the baby monitor in Peanut's room.

CRRR-EEEAAK. (Yes, we need to oil the door hinges.)

"Good mo-rn-ing, Pea-nut!!"

Peanut shrieks and squeals, even after being woken from a dead sleep.

"Hi Peanut! Hi!"

More shrieking.

"Patty cake. Patty cake. Maker's man."

The sound of Bjorn clapping.

"Put it in the oven for Peanut & Me. Stuff it. Roll it. Mark it with a P. As fast as you can. For Peanut & Me!"

Peanut alternates between clapping and banging her hands on the crib.

"This little piggie went to market."

Squeals and shrieks.

"This little piggie went none. This little piggie had roast berries. This little piggie had ham."

Shrieking and banging continue.

"And this little piggie went WEE WEE WEE!!"

And both kids belly laugh whole-heartedly.

They are AWESOME.

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