Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mommy Fail

As Moms, we know that sometimes bad things happen to our kids. Anything from teething to black eyes to tummy aches is something that we could have, should have found a way to prevent. (Could have, should have in a tent?! Could have, should have - with a mint?!)

But that's not the way it works. 

Stuff happens. Life happens. And we Mommies get to do everything we can for the kids who are our everything, but sometimes. . . well. . . life happens.

I got a call from a friend recently. Her one year old son chipped his tooth and she felt it was her fault. That she should have stopped it from happening. 

Like she felt like a crummy Mom. Which she isn't. Not at all.

So, because misery loves company, and because sometimes the best thing someone can say when they feel crummy isn't "Well, I mean, that's just the way it goes." but actually is "Wow! I would never do that!", here are a list of my Mommy fails. Feel free to comment your own, too. 

Because it's not easy being perfect. So I don't even try. Here's proof.


That time I gave my baby boy a sunburn. Inside the house.

That time I cut his fingernails. . . and missed.

That one time he locked himself in his room.

Not the first bruise, and definitely not the last.

Because I don't read Mommy books, I tend to make a few rookie mistakes here and there.

Every time I have yelled or screamed or shook my head in anger and frustration.

And recently. . . that time my daughter started sleeping through the night (of course, when I'm not home at night!) and when The Hubs and I racked our brains trying to figure out why, we realized that he was feeding her 6-7 oz of food a feeding. Whereas I was only doing 2-3. So. . . . she was just hungry. And I had had no idea.

And, last but not least. . . . . . the coup de grace for me. . . . .

Bjorn was about 8 months old or so and pulling himself up. On everything. The Hubs was working late one night and I was emptying the dishwasher. Bjorn crawled over and  - of course - pulled himself up on the open dishwasher door.

I sighed and let him do it, because while normally we don't let him use that to pull himself up (it could break off its hinge! he could reach in for a knife!), I was parenting alone that night, and let's be honest here - when you're parenting alone, sometimes you tend to let a few things slide. Like letting your 8 month old use the dishwasher to stand.

So, I'm unloading the dishwasher, Bjorn is playing around me, and I notice something blue and sticky in the bottom of the dishwasher door.

And something blue and sticky all over Bjorn's mouth.

It takes me a minute, but then my eyes get really wide and I start to do the incredible, silent freak-out.

Because there is a half-eaten Cascade capsule in my dishwasher, blue gunk around my baby's mouth and the rest of the capsule is nowhere to be found.

I immediately call my pediatrician, who advises me to call Poison Control.

The minutes are ticking away here, and all I can think is that I need to do something - give him milk/formula, make him drink water, make him puke. . . .anything!

But I am calm and poised when I talk to PC, because if there is anything serious going on here, they need to be aware of the situation and a hysterical Mom won't help.  PC is very calm, and when the 20 questions are finally over, he gives me a few simple things to do and not to do (keep him awake, don't give fluids for an hour, then give little fluids, etc.).

The capsules are little pieces of soap, so it really isn't all that bad. (But it could have been. He could have had a bad reaction. He could have been allergic to something. He could have choked on the capsule.)

A few days later, I was recounting the event to a co-worker when she told me that something similar happened to her twenty years earlier when her kids were little. Except instead of a dishwasher capsule she found hanging from his mouth, it was an open tube of Super Glue.

Yeah, Super Glue. So, no matter what has happened that you want to prevent, remember. . . . it could always be worse.


Christie T. said...

Love this post, as it is SO TRUE!!! And please tell your friend (whose kiddo chipped a tooth) that I know EXACTLY how she feels with that one and to make her feel better: My son, Jake, not only chipped and bruised his top front tooth during a fall off the couch at age 2, but then at age 3 he proceeded to fall out of the car (big SUV) onto the concrete face first and knock out that exact tooth. To which today, I now have my handsome 4-year-old-middle child boy, happy as could be with the cutest toof-less grin ever! (and yeah, new "adult" tooth won't come in until around age 7-8 years old.) It took me a long time to get past the "mommy fail" feeling on that one and even still I can find those old feelings. But I have a list of "things that happened" besides that doozie, as all moms do, with my 3 kiddos and I would like to think I am still a good mom. :)

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