Sunday, April 29, 2012

Every action has an equal and. . . blah blah blah

I have taught my son well. This time.

This morning, when Peanut fell over, bumping her head, he didn't run over to her and ask if she was ok and coddle her. Because he is a mimic and copies everything I do. And I'm not a coddler.

He threw himself on the floor next to her, started clapping and said, "Nice one, Peanut!"

And instead of crying, she laughed.

It's all in how you react.


Ladies of Boston said...

Give her a warm bottle, a warm bowl of oatmeal or cereal (depending on age) and top off the night with a warm bottle of milk (in this order). No more than 8 hours before your Wake up time.. So if wake up time is 6AM do the above steps by 10PM..

Ladies of Boston said...

Start with a warm Bath, then a warm bowl of cereal... and top off with the warm bottle... Sorry forgot the warm bath first... This worked for me every time.. I also used the soothing lotion to... Nighty Night!

Cool Boy said...

yea...every action has a reaction..

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