Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A letter to my daughter

Dear Peanut,

You are 7 months old today, and I don't know how that happened.

These past few months have flown by so quickly, I almost feel that you were never a newborn, never a little baby.

When you wake up in the morning, you are all smiles. Kicking and waving your arms around - swimming in your crib - smiling, gurgling and laughing. You seem to know that it's morning time now, all your family is awake, and it's time to play! Today, I found you sitting up in your crib, staring at the door. You immediately started the morning swim and morning gurgly laugh when you saw me.

It's better than my morning coffee for starting a good day.

You play so happily with your toys (and with Bjorn's). You have become so good at crawling and chasing after all your brother's cars, laughing all the way. Once we can teach you to race the car, instead of putting it in your mouth, I think your brother is going to love playtime with you. He already loves sharing with you, bringing his cars to you, telling you what each one is, and what sound it makes.

When you are done crawling, you are able to stop and sit up on your own. With no help.  Your weeble-wobble days are long gone, and I no longer worry about taking my eye off you. Now I worry when I leave the room, where you are going to go. You're on the move and you're fast. You're also very flexible and love, love love being upside down. I imagine you in ten years, jumping gracefully from the balance beam in a double tuck roll, winning the gymnastics competition.

You weigh in at 16 lbs exactly, which is on the tinier side. I call it petite. But you have been sick the last few days (just a cold!) and not eating well, so maybe we can beef you up soon. This morning you devoured a big ol' bowl of yogurt, so maybe you are starting to feel better. I hope so. It's not fun to see you sick, Peanut. It makes me sad that I can't help.

You babble more ("babababababababa")than I remember your brother doing, and I wonder if that means you are going to talk more than he does. Is that possible?! He talks all the time!! But I can't wait to hear what you have to say; it seems that everything you say makes you laugh, with a big, hearty belly laugh. I imagine you in twenty years, standing on a nightclub stage, doing stand-up. I see you on Saturday Night Live, making the whole world laugh with your impressions.

I really can't believe how old you are, and all that you can do.

Sometimes I'm going to want you to grow up too fast. Hurry up and walk, ride a bike, dress yourself, go to school. You are going to have to remind me now and then that it's nice to be the age you are now, and doing what you can now. That the grass is plenty green right where you are. Don't let anyone- including me - make you grow up too fast.

Take it from me: there is plenty of time to be an adult. Take your time being a kid.



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kderoll said...

You are starting to make me cry now. It's got to be the pregnancy hormones. I can't believe she is already 7 months old. Give everyone a hug for me.

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