Friday, February 17, 2012

The difference

It's so hard when you have two kids not to compare.

I mean, really, I have absolutely no experience with kids outside of my own two (someone really should have told me a thing or two before I had kids!), so the only thing I can do is compare.

So compare I do.

And even though I was so lonely and unskilled and depressed after Bjorn was born, he was still easier than Peanut.

He didn't have reflux. Which means he didn't scream for hours on end until medicine finally - thankfully - was prescribed.

He slept through the night. Every night. Almost from the very, absolute beginning.

He took three hours naps. Two or three of them a day. Even at 7 months old. He would happily sleep in front of Law & Order in my arms for hours.

So it's hard to have a second child that rarely naps more than 45 minutes at a stretch, never in my arms, and whom decided after two months of sleeping through the night that there is too much of a good thing, and she would start needing to feed twice a night.


Then I read Bjorn's baby book, and some old blog posts when he was a babe.

And I'm starting to think Peanut is the easy baby.

Bjorn never, ever went to sleep awake. He would scream and cry and make himself miserable, but he wanted to be rocked to sleep and laid in his bed. God forbid you try to put him down before he was asleep. I almost never rock Peanut to sleep. Since about 4 months old, I have been putting her down wide awake. She sometimes cries a bit, and then realizes, 'Oh dang, I'm tired. Well, since I'm in bed, I might as well go to sleep!' And then she does.

Bjorn would only sleep in my arms. For naptime - all the way up until I went back to work at 7 months old - he would only Yes, it would last for 3 hours. But how was I to get anything done? Ever tried showering with a baby in your arms. Uh uh. Not happening. At least Peanut gives me a few minutes to SSS if needed.

Bjorn didn't have reflux. This is true. But I have never been able to get out the spit-up stains he left on Outside of The Poltergeist, I have never seen a human being expel that much liquid. The Hubs nicknamed him Queso. And his Ped said it was normal. Not to worry, he would get over it. Which he did. But none of my clothes survived.

And Peanut is such a happy baby. SUCH a happy baby. I think the only time she cried today was when Bjorn took his car away from her (ah, the sibling fighting begins!) and when it was lunchtime, and we were still ten minutes from home.

That's it. Ten minutes of crying the entire day.

The rest of the day was filled with this:


I swear, all the girl does is smile. Smile and scream.

How could I ever have thought she was tough?!


Mistymarie727 said...

If she really only sleeps for 45 minutes, check out our read the book Silent Nights. It really helped me understand baby sleep cycles when we were struggling with our forth. Also, liquid dish soap takes out spit up stains even after they have been through the drier.

Me Too said...

What?! Liquid dish soap? How did I not know that this works?!

Anonymous said...

Hey honey it's Beth from SWA. I have never commented on a blog so I'm not sure if my name shows up?? Tee Hee showing my age! Boobear was the same as Peanut. Three 30 minute naps a day starting around 2 months. 2-3 feedings a night. Before that he would only sleep in my arms or at the breast. But no reflux. I got a book called "the no cry sleep solution". I was so tired and bleary eyed I thought I would open it up and it would say make baby sleep by doing A, B, and C. Of course it didn't but it is filled with tips and tricks that "teach" your child to sleep. He started sleeping 12 hours straight at 6 months and still had a 2-3 hour nap a day. I swear never slept more than a total of 6 hours a day the first couple of months!! Every baby is different as you know and I just really felt like this book answered a lot of questions. Boobear Is 5 now and sleeps about 10 hours a night and he has been a great sleeper since 6 months. We had our occasional set backs like illness and teeth but we are good! Miss ya and good luck Mama!

Mommy This and That said...

As different mine are, they are a lot alike. Both won't sleep unless I am holding them. Getting things done? Nope, not here. Naps? I have one that doesn't nap and one that is now fighting a second nap. Nevermind that the first nap is 45 minutes IF I am lucky. It's been a rough year for me...sigh...

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