Wednesday, January 4, 2012



Spray and Wash Resolve worked wonders with Bjorn when he had his blow-outs.

But apparently Peanut's are a little more, um. . . . potent. All her cute little outfits are getting ruined!!

I need something quick - everyday is a blow-out day in this house! What do YOU use to get out baby poop stains? And will it work on stains already washed & dried?!


Lindsay said...

I use OxyClean spray directly on the stains, and then use OxyClean FREE (no harsh chemicals/dyes)powder in the load with the Tide Free detergent. It has always worked pretty well!

Meg said...

usually drying it cements the stain. :(

i spray Shout Advanced on stains before laundering, and throw a scoop of BIZ in every load.

if that still doesn't work i rub a little of BIZ (dampened with water) into the stain and let it soak in a bucket of BIZ water overnight.