Friday, December 30, 2011

Highlights of a Christmas Reel

I'm so exhausted that I know if I tried to write a real post - a witty, entertaining read with a clear cut beginning, middle and hilarious ending - that I would wind up with fragment sentences and no real point.

Because this year Peanut got me no sleep for Christmas. Gotta love the girl. She found the perfect gift for the woman that has everything! Waking every three hours to eat is no fun, but she has decided it is the perfect gift of quantity time. Not qaulity, for I know no one is in top form at 8:30 pm, Midnight, 3 am and 630 am. No one.


I'm tired and can't think straight, but I want to fill you in on some of the Christmas a-happening's, because it really was a fun, exhausting time. So here goes.

I can't remember where I read it (Andrea, was it you?!) but someone out there in this bloggy world of ours had a genius idea for Christmas gifts from the kids to their Dad, and I stole it. I took Bjorn to Dollar Tree, gave him ten dollars and told him he could pick anything in the store to buy for Daddy. My only rule was that he could only get one of an item. No duplicates, no multiples. Ten different items.

It was a blast.

Here's what Daddy got for Christmas.

What happens when you combine a ten dollar bill and a 2 year old.

Why, yes, that IS a giant roll of paper towels, flushable wipes, a hairbrush with three hair ties, cough drops and a Toy Story folder, among other things.

I thought it was so much fun to shop with Bjorn for the gifts, but it was actually more fun to see Daddy open it. He had no clue what he would find next in the gift bag!

We also flew not once, but twice, to Houston in the month of December. The first time was to get Peanut baptized, which is a blog I will have to write another day. Short story - she was shunned at her own baptism (although I was told that it still "took") and I wrote a nasty-gram to the diocese of Houston concerning one grumpy old priest.

Huh. Maybe this was why she was kicked out?!
I digress.

So. . . we flew twice in December, and somehow (miracle of miracles!) we didn't have to wait at the airport all day to get standby on flights and all our flights were on time. I really don't know how we did it. It was practically a work of art to have everything work out for us the way it did.

It's not easy traveling with kids, but it was worth it to see family and friends. Yes, even the 45 minute flight from Austin to Houston, with Peanut screaming the entire time, yes. . . even that was worth it. We had a great time at Grandma and Pap-pap's.

Mostly because the In-Laws watched the kids for a night while The Hubs and I took in a movie. What movie did we see, you ask?

Does it matter? WE WENT ON A DATE NIGHT!! That's really all that counts.  And then I made him take me to WalMart afterwards to pick up some last minute things. On the Friday night before Christmas at 11 pm. It was soooo awful.

No, really, it was fun. It's always nice to see Bjorn and Peanut with their extended family. We live so far from everyone, and don't get to see family on a regular basis and feel that we never get enough family time. Especially when it comes to Bjorn and Peanut with their grandparents.

We also did the annual Skype Christmas with my parents. Although sometimes I totally hate Skype (isn't the whole point of talking on the phone rather than seeing them in person so that you don't have to put on makeup/contacts/pants?), this Skype Christmas was not that bad. Mostly becasue its all about the kiddo's now, and at least one of them is totally verbal and completely into Christmas, presents, and Skype. I'm about to teach him how to turn on the computer so he can do it himself. He's always bugging me to talk to Grandma on the computer.

At least he likes Skype. Bjorn's the one they really want to see anyways.

We also began Peanut on rice cereal. Because of the aforementioned horrible sleeping routine she has gotten in, we decided to put to test the old wives tale of cereal-fed babies sleeping better. So far, it hasn't worked. But here's hoping! Mama could use a good night's sleep. . . I feel like I have a newborn again.

She was a natural! Actually grabbed the spoon to try and shove it in her mouth!


Andrea and Jeff said...

Glad you had fun with the Dollar Tree idea. It was me but of course I read it on some other blog. It seems like all of my creative ideas come from someone else. :)

Lindsay said...

Sounds like she's experiencing the dreaded "4 month sleep regression." Google it, it's a real thing. My Laine went through it for almost 3 weeks right around when she turned 4 months, and then just like the doc promised, she went back to being a great sleeper. Hope your little on does the same for your sake!

The Dollar Tree idea is awesome! Maybe we'll try that next year. I'm afraid mine would just pick out stuff for himself though, lol!

Happy New Year!