Friday, December 16, 2011

All Mommy wants for Christmas is a nap. . . .and a necklace

Peanut is officially in the "grab and pull" stage of babyhood.

She grabs my hair, my jewelry, my hands. If I am texting or talking, she grabs the phone - and has remarkably long Go-Go-Gadget arm reach. She grabs my purse straps and my food, and more than once I have seen her hands clenched in a fist and pried them open to find a pacifier stuffed in her little fist.

It has become a little bit of a problem during feeding time. Her little hands don't stop grabbing just because she is busy eating. They punch and scratch just as usual - more so, even. And when she finds something solid ( my hand, my face, my boob) she grabs and twists and pulls.  It's annoying, frustrating and dang, does it hurt! I told The Hubs this morning that I couldn't take much more of it, and if she continued, I was quitting breastfeeding. Problem-solver that he is, he grabbed two socks and put them over her hands. Problem solved.

Like I said, she grabs EVERYTHING. I can't wear jewelry, and I can't wear my hair down.

Which is why I am asking for these for Christmas

A necklace that she can eat to her heart's content. . . . and Mommy can still look pretty.

Her grabby-ness also means she is starting to be a little more fun, making the transition from "sleeper and eater" to "sleeper, eater and player". I put musical toys in front of her in the ExerSaucer and she actually punches them until they sing. It's kind of funny.Except when I remember that's what she does to me when eating, too. Not so funny.


Mommy This and That said...

Grabby, grabby! Thank goodness it doesn't last for too long!

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