Monday, November 21, 2011

Stop. Drop. and ROLL

Peanut rolled over.

Or, at least, I think she did.

See, last night, I put her on her back on her playmat, looking up at the toys dangling above. Then walked into the kitchen - a mere 10 feet away in an open floor plan - turned back to her. . . . and she was face down. Well, not really, because her face was very proudly up, looking around, not down, in the mat or anything, but she was very definitely now on her tummy.

Damn. Could I really have missed her first roll-over?

I called The Hubs, who was at the local hardware store. "You missed it!" I said. "She rolled over!" Of course, I was here. . . and I missed it, too." He told me to grab the video camera, but a watched pot doesn't boil and a watched baby doesn't roll.

We tried the rest of the night, but only wound up tiring her completely out with the effort.

This morning, I again put her on her back on her mat in front of the couch. I grabbed a cup of coffee from the kitchen, walked back to the living room. . . . and there she was, on her tummy.

Not only did I miss the first roll-over, I missed the second, too.

I'm starting to think she does it on purpose. Because I was very attentive after that (I was not about to miss it again!) and not once, not once, did she roll over. She's waiting until I leave the room, doing a quick one-two-three-heave count and throwing herself onto her tummy. Just because she can.

If she is this sneaky at 4 months, what am I going to do when she's a teenager?!


Meg said...

i like sneaky.

Mommy This and That said...

She's rolling over ninja style...I like it!

Amber Page Writes said...

Babies are totally sneaky that way. Still...movement! Yay!