Tuesday, November 29, 2011

She's on a roll. . . . . and I'm on edge

When my girl gets going, there is no stopping her. Now she is constantly rolling. All the time. Everywhere.

Which is great, because she should be rolling and moving and getting that little body going. (She also made forward movement yesterday. Forward movement. That's almost like crawling. But that's another story.)

Except for one teensy little problem.

Like Zoolander, she's not an ambiturner.

She rolls onto her stomach and then starts screaming like the little banshee she can be for someone to PLEASE COME TURN ME BACK OVER!!!!!

Again, this is fine and all, because while most babies first learn to roll from their stomachs to backs, thus avoiding this whole issue, my babies learn to roll back to stomach first, so I got used to doing this with Bjorn as well. But what isn't fine - no, it's not fine at all - is when she rolls over onto her stomach when she's sleeping and spits up. Then, when I go to check on her, as I am prone to do every few minutes now, I find her face down in a puddle of baby spit-up, curdled milk lodged up her nose, in her eyelashes and all over her face.

No, no. This isn't fine at all.

Because she is a horrible napper anyways. Fights us until the bitter end, sometimes screaming her little monkey wail for as long as an hour and a half, the whole time never opening her eyes because she is so tired but she.just.won't.go.to.sleep.

But now? Now I can't even put her down in her crib and hope that she cries herself to sleep. Because now I know that there is a very very real possibility that she will roll over onto her stomach, not be able to turn back over, and find herself - again - in a puddle of curdled milk and such.

After the curdled-milk-in-face debacle, she fought her nap today, screaming for 45 minutes. When she had finally completely exhausted herself, I laid her in her crib, and watched from the rocking chair closeby. Within three minutes, she was on her stomach, screaming again. I rolled her back onto her back, she surrendered to sleep and five minutes later, did it again. This kept up for 30 minutes, and I spent the majority of her nap playing Words With Friends in the chair, waiting for the next time to turn her over.

Until she learns to turn over both ways, this rocking chair is going to be my favorite spot and Words With Friends is my best friend.

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