Sunday, October 2, 2011

Two Months

I can't believe Peanut is 2 months old already. Am I the only one who thinks time is going by waaaaaayy too quickly?!

We had her two month appointment this past week, and she did great. Well, she did as well as could be expected considering that she got three different shots, and one oral vaccine. I would've screamed too.

She is now 23 1/4 inches long and 11 lbs 5 oz. WOW! She has grown over FOUR inches since her birth two months ago, and put on over 4 pounds. Considering that she started at a little over 7 lbs, I think she's doing pretty well! In the 60th-75th %ile for both height and weight.

I like that she's starting to look a little chunky. You should see her thighs. Soooo cute!

We are still giving her Zantac every morning and evening for her acid reflux. Sometimes we give it to her a little later in the morning, and we can definitely tell the difference. She gets moody and fussy without it. While its not nice to know that she doesn't fell well, it is nice to know that we are giving her the medicine for good reason - because she needs it.

Bjorn is still loving on his baby sister. . .sometimes a little too much! He really doesn't understand the meaning of the word "gentle". But he tries - he really does. He loves helping her find her "princess fire" and "horsey fire" (Fire = pacifier). And he has finally learned that a blanket only goes up to her chin, NOT over her head. so he can tuck her in himself now.

His favorite new game with Peanut is to ask if she can go Night Night in his bed. I'll lie her on his bed, and he will read her stories, sing to her and bring her his Night Night cars. So far he is very good at sharing. Let's hope this lasts!!

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Sounds like everyone is settling in nicely! :)