Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quality Time

A few weeks ago, a Mommy friend asked about Peanut and any sibling rivalry or jealousy with Bjorn.

"We've been pretty lucky, " I said. "He really seems to love her. No jealousy here. At least not yet."

She commented that her kids started to show a little jealousy only when the younger one was able to crawl and steal the older one's toys, and cry more for Mom, taking away some of the attention.

"I'm really glad I have them on opposite nap schedules. That way I always get one on one quality time with them during the day."

I was floored. You want them on opposite sleep schedules? You want them to take naps at different times? My entire plan since finding out that I was having another was to get them on the same nap schedule.

The only way I am writing this is because of that. I have tried so many times to write so many posts, but when one child is shouting 'Play Puzzle! Play Puzzle!', pulling me towards his playroom while the other child has a death grip on my hair and is dribbling spit up on my shirt because she.just.doesn't.want.to.be.put.down, well. . . . . . keeping sane is the only thing on my mind. Writing comes second.

I understand the reasoning behind this mom's motives - she wants quality time with each of her kiddos. But, to me, you can get that quality time elsewhere. Somewhere besides nap time. Some time besides the only time of day where I can go to the bathroom without a little boy barging in saying 'Mommy, what you doing?', much less take five minutes to write a post or read a chapter of a book.

Which, by the way, I plan on doing. Right now. While both my kiddo's are still sleeping.

Now that's what I call quality time.


Lindsay said...

Ha! I totally agree with you!

Mommy This and That said...

Wow...I count myself lucky if I can get S to agree to lie down with T and I so we can ALL nap together! Quality time for mommy is a big deal and I'm with you!

Wild Things said...

I very much reccomend writing a book, it allows you some rest and "me" time after a hectic day with the kids. The only thing I will say is once you get into writing be prepared to
A, become so absorbed you forget everything around you
B, have a vague memory of what sleep was
C, turn into the incredible hulk once you hit writers block!