Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Past

I love Halloween, and now that I have kids, I have an excuse to dress up.

And boy do I dress (them) up.

Halloween 2009, 5 months old. Chewbacca (Princess Leia not shown)
Halloween 2010, 17 months old. Oompa Loompa (with his Mama, Veruca Salt)


While I had many ideas leading up to Halloween, I discarded them all. Simpsons? Not a cool enough costume for Bart (except for the skateboard, which, admittedly, he would have thought was pretty awesome). The Flintstones? Not sure I could have convinced The Hubs to walk around town essentially in what is a nightshirt.

I finally asked Bjorn what he wanted to dress up as for Halloween, and since it was so easy, decided to work the whole family around him. Stay tuned next week for after Halloween pictures!

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