Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Past

I love Halloween, and now that I have kids, I have an excuse to dress up.

And boy do I dress (them) up.

Halloween 2009, 5 months old. Chewbacca (Princess Leia not shown)
Halloween 2010, 17 months old. Oompa Loompa (with his Mama, Veruca Salt)


While I had many ideas leading up to Halloween, I discarded them all. Simpsons? Not a cool enough costume for Bart (except for the skateboard, which, admittedly, he would have thought was pretty awesome). The Flintstones? Not sure I could have convinced The Hubs to walk around town essentially in what is a nightshirt.

I finally asked Bjorn what he wanted to dress up as for Halloween, and since it was so easy, decided to work the whole family around him. Stay tuned next week for after Halloween pictures!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scared - and not just for Halloween

I've always been a little scared of my kids.

With Bjorn, he was such a bad napper and I needed him to sleep so badly, that I would literally tiptoe around my house. Meanwhile, The Hubs would vacuum, watch action movies in the loudest surround sound we have, and carry on long phone conversations right outside his door.

And he never woke. But I needed his nap oh-so-badly that I was always scared that I would wake him with the slightest sound.

With Peanut, I'm still scared of her.

But not because of sleeping. So far (and knock on wood for me, will ya?!) she is a great sleeper. She's been going to bed about 8:30, sleeping through the night pretty much fully, minus some pacifier-putting-in about 4:30 or 5:30 am. Then sleeping in until 8. (But the toddler has me up at 5:30. Ugh.)

She doesn't really sleep much during the nap. Mostly catnaps of 45 minutes to an hour. But she can sleep in the living room with a movie on. While Bjorn plays 'marching band' (which is pretty much what it sounds like, completely with cymbals, honking horn and drum).

She also naps in her bed during the day, something that was hard to do with Bjorn because he only liked to sleep while being held. Peanut is much easier to put down.

She is also just as smiley as Bjorn was, if not more. As long as she is getting direct attention - whether from me, Daddy, Bjorn or the Dog - she is happy and all smiles. She loves to play, loves to be sung to and coos sometimes for no reason at all.

But I'm still scared of this.

I'm afraid that at any moment, for absolutely no reason and with absolutely no cure, my sweet, coo-coo will turn into the banshee we had the first few weeks. I'm so nervous that if we don't stop a crying fit in the first few minutes, then it will accelerate into the never-ending crying no parent should ever have to endure.

Which has only happened once in the last 6 weeks. Last night. And she only screamed for an hour. Then slept through the night. So, really, it wasn't that bad.

I'm still scared.

Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm a Mom

I have toothpaste in my hair. I don't know how it got there, but I can only assume it happened during our morning ritual - the battle of teeth brushing.

I have spit up on my shoulder. It mostly hit the couch cushion, so I took the time to turn it around (only to discover that I had done that once before with the same cushion), but it hit my shoulder too. And dribbled down my back. Bjorn thought it was fun to help me wipe it off. In other words - smear it around.

I went to the grocery store like that. Two grocery stores, actually. And the post office. Didn't think twice about it. Until I got home, looked in the mirror and shuddered.

Then I shrugged and thought. 'What's the big deal?! I'm a mom!'

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Battle of the Sexes

Before my first baby, I was told that as a mother, I would automatically understand my baby's different cries.

I would know which one meant hungry, or lonely. It wasn't always going to be different in a way you could define, but just like when you met "the one" ("I just knew"), you would "just know" what each cry meant.

I didn't. Not a bit.

I pretty much figured out that "knowing" what each cry meant really meant trying every possible thing it could be until you finally found the right one, when you sigh with relief and more than a little bit of exasperation.

Chalking it all up to that being yet another one of those Mommy myths ("It's just a phase", "Stretch marks will fade" and, my personal favorite, "You don't mind changing it when it's your kids poop".), I forgot about it.

Until I had another baby.

And I see it now. I know.

I know when she's hungry or tired or over-stimulated. I can tell when she's lonely and that little cry can turn into a coo if I just sit with her and talk for a few minutes. I can tell when she needs a new diaper, if she's chilly or if she just wants a little snuggling. I'm not always right, but I'm pretty darn close.

I don't know if this is because I not a 'new' mother, so I'm less worried about what I 'should' be doing. I'm just doing it. I don't know if part of it is because I am more comfortable this time around with being a mom to this helpless little thing.

Or if Peanut, like most females, is just a better communicator. There might be something to this whole battle of the sexes thing.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quality Time

A few weeks ago, a Mommy friend asked about Peanut and any sibling rivalry or jealousy with Bjorn.

"We've been pretty lucky, " I said. "He really seems to love her. No jealousy here. At least not yet."

She commented that her kids started to show a little jealousy only when the younger one was able to crawl and steal the older one's toys, and cry more for Mom, taking away some of the attention.

"I'm really glad I have them on opposite nap schedules. That way I always get one on one quality time with them during the day."

I was floored. You want them on opposite sleep schedules? You want them to take naps at different times? My entire plan since finding out that I was having another was to get them on the same nap schedule.

The only way I am writing this is because of that. I have tried so many times to write so many posts, but when one child is shouting 'Play Puzzle! Play Puzzle!', pulling me towards his playroom while the other child has a death grip on my hair and is dribbling spit up on my shirt because she.just.doesn', well. . . . . . keeping sane is the only thing on my mind. Writing comes second.

I understand the reasoning behind this mom's motives - she wants quality time with each of her kiddos. But, to me, you can get that quality time elsewhere. Somewhere besides nap time. Some time besides the only time of day where I can go to the bathroom without a little boy barging in saying 'Mommy, what you doing?', much less take five minutes to write a post or read a chapter of a book.

Which, by the way, I plan on doing. Right now. While both my kiddo's are still sleeping.

Now that's what I call quality time.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Big Boy Bed: Take Three

So, we've had Bjorn in his Big Boy Bed for about 7 weeks now.

How do I know its been 7 weeks?!

Because we were stupid silly enough to start him in it when Peanut was about two weeks old. . . and she is now 9 weeks old. Thus. . . . .7 weeks.

It has had its ups and downs.

Literally. He gets up and gets down. Then comes running in our room. "Bjorn down! Down from Bjorn's bed!"

Yeah, we know. If you were still in it, we would still be sleeping.

It is still a little bit of a battle putting him to sleep/nap. He likes to have something to take with him to bed, but its never the same thing. He likes to ask for for milk (no), juice (no), cereal (no), car suitcase (ok). Then he grabs his car suitcase/lunchbox/dinosaur book and walks calmly to bed. He lies down nicely, then looks up with those big ol baby greens of his and says, 'Mommy sit wall?'

So I sit on the wall.

We used to have to lie on the floor next to his bed. Then we moved to sitting on the floor next to him. Now we sit on the wall next to the door. Hopefully, it is only a matter of time before we can leave completely, without sitting on the floor at all.

But maybe not.

See, we have had problems with him sleeping practically since the beginning.

He's always slept through the night - that's not been the problem. But putting him to sleep has always been a battle and a half. When he was in a crib, we would put him to bed, and he would cry. SCREAM. BELLOW. BANSHEE. For 5-10 minutes. But if we could get through those hours minutes of torturous cries, he would fall fast asleep and stay asleep all through the night.

This never stopped. As much as everyone told me he would grow out of it - that this was "just a phase" - he didn't. It wasn't. He cried until the moment we put him in a big boy bed. Then cried some more.

So the fact that we have to sit on the floor with him for a few minutes is not really a big deal. Not when you think that we used to have to listen to him sobbing and screeching for five minutes. I'll take the floor any day.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Two Months

I can't believe Peanut is 2 months old already. Am I the only one who thinks time is going by waaaaaayy too quickly?!

We had her two month appointment this past week, and she did great. Well, she did as well as could be expected considering that she got three different shots, and one oral vaccine. I would've screamed too.

She is now 23 1/4 inches long and 11 lbs 5 oz. WOW! She has grown over FOUR inches since her birth two months ago, and put on over 4 pounds. Considering that she started at a little over 7 lbs, I think she's doing pretty well! In the 60th-75th %ile for both height and weight.

I like that she's starting to look a little chunky. You should see her thighs. Soooo cute!

We are still giving her Zantac every morning and evening for her acid reflux. Sometimes we give it to her a little later in the morning, and we can definitely tell the difference. She gets moody and fussy without it. While its not nice to know that she doesn't fell well, it is nice to know that we are giving her the medicine for good reason - because she needs it.

Bjorn is still loving on his baby sister. . .sometimes a little too much! He really doesn't understand the meaning of the word "gentle". But he tries - he really does. He loves helping her find her "princess fire" and "horsey fire" (Fire = pacifier). And he has finally learned that a blanket only goes up to her chin, NOT over her head. so he can tuck her in himself now.

His favorite new game with Peanut is to ask if she can go Night Night in his bed. I'll lie her on his bed, and he will read her stories, sing to her and bring her his Night Night cars. So far he is very good at sharing. Let's hope this lasts!!