Sunday, August 21, 2011

"To you it sounds like crying, but to Jesus it's a wondrous sound"

Oh, the joys of newborn parenting.

This has been my week:


I know it looks like that's my boob in the shot. It's not. It's my fleshy arm. Just FYI.

This was at the end of an hour and half crying jag where they crying sounded like that the entire time. Seriously. I took the video for two reasons.

1) To prove to my friends that this was not normal newborn crying and there was a perfectly valid reason I call my beautiful baby girl a banshee. Point proven, I believe.

2) My Dad asked me to. I think it was something about sending it to my Grandma so she could hear the cries of her sweet great-granddaughter? 

Really, this crying has been going on all week. Oh yeah - and this was my first week at home alone with the kids. Shivers.

When she's not sleeping, she's eating. When she's not eating, she's screaming. (Hell, even sometimes when she is eating, she's screaming!) And when she's not sleeping, eating or screaming, she's grunting and throwing herself around her crib, scaring me into thinking that the banshee might soon be awakening.

These screaming fits last anywhere from 45 minutes to forever x infinity. (Actually, to about 3 hours - and these ones always seem to come in the middle of the night. . . . of course.) And they drive us bonkers.

Our first thought was the dreaded 'colic'. The disease that strikes newborns for no reason, with no discernible cause, at any time and for any length of time with absolutely no cure. The disease that strikes fear into the heart of parents everywhere.

Finally, after a week of listening to her cries, and seeing her distress when she couldn't be soothed, I called the pediatrician for advice.

Their advice sucked.

Since I'm nursing, I am to cut out all spicy food, gas-inducing food, caffeine, and dairy. There goes my ice cream in the evening, my creamer in my coffee (and the coffee, for that matter!), my daily string cheese snacks, the yogurt I just bought, my milk and cereal in the morning and oh so much more! Sigh. . . . .

Appointment tomorrow afternoon to see if this has actually helped my Peanut. I'll let you know how it goes.


Peanut had her pediatrician appointment today and I gotta say. I LOVE our pediatrician! At least, I love the RN's and NP's at the practice. Gotta love your nursing staff!!

She listened to everything I said, didn't dismiss even the slightest concern and spent the appointment really talking to me about everything Peanut and I are going through. I feel well informed and taken care of. Exactly what you want from your Ped.

Bad news? I have to keep dairy out of my diet for another week or two and then maybe, maybe add it back gradually.

Good news? She doesn't have a protein imbalance or total milk intolerance, so it may just be a immature digestive system combined with my eating too much dairy (ahem, those gallons of Blue Bell!) and her having acid reflux/baby heartburn. She is on Zantac now, and we should **cross your fingers** see an improvement in the next few days.

Here's hoping!


Lindsay said...

Oh Andi, I'm sorry! Crying like that has got to rip your heart out and make you want to rip your hair out!! I hope you guys some answers. Has the crying gotten better since you stopped eating all the foods?

Mommy This and That said...

My first thought was colic as well! I hope it is just the dairy. I am on dairy free right now because seems Teagan has issues with it as well. I've switched to coconut milk and vegan cheese! So not fun! I feel for you girl!