Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kick it Like Beckham: Take Two

OK, so I know that I owe you a birth story, and I will get to it eventually, but the birth story takes a while. And I don't have a while to think and sit and write right now. I'll get to it. . . . later. But for now? Snippets. That's all you get. Oh yeah - our little Peanut M & M was a GIRL!!

Yeah, surprised the heck out of me, too!!

I wrote a few weeks ago that she never stopped moving. That she was kicking and rolling and generally being a nuisance of herself in the womb.

Now The Hubs knows what I meant.

She sleeps all day (and all night, too. Woo-hoo!!). But when sleeping, she wriggles like mad. She squirms when she gets a diaper change. Moves around when nursing and burping. She can't just sit there.

Even the nurses at the hospital commented on it. The nurse for her first appointment pointed it out. Everyone who holds her mentions her moving her head around, waving her arms (like she just don't care) and squirming.

Yeah, people, I know. I've dealt with it since I felt those first kicks at 17ish weeks. Trust me, I know. She's a kicker.


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J, B, O, J & Z said...

I'm so excited to meet her!

Pearl said...

congratulations to you! enjoy these precious newborn days! my second "baby" is 14 months already. it goes by soooo quickly!!