Thursday, July 14, 2011

Story Time

Bjorn and I were sitting on my bedroom floor playing with his cars when suddenly he stopped, came to sit on my mostly non-existent lap and began talking.  This is his story (with my questions because I needed to make sense of it):

Uh oh, Roar coming.

There's a dinosaur coming?

Uh huh. Babble babble babble babble roar stopping car.

Is the dinosaur trying to stop the car?

Uh huh. Stop, Roar. Stop! Car ok.

Did you stop the dinosaur and save the car?

Uh huh. Uh oh. Roar babble babble Mommy bed babble Zahza*.

Is the dinosaur getting on Mommy's bed to get Hansa?

Uh huh. Stop, roar. Zahza move!

Good job. You stopped the dinosaur from getting Hansa.

Gro'er feet.

Is there water on your feet?

No. ROAR feet.

Oh, you see dinosaur feet?

Uh huh. Bjorn roar feet. Stinky. *Sniffs*

Does Bjorn have stinky dinosaur feet?

Uh huh. Mommy feet?

Does Mommy have stinky dinosaur feet?

*Sniffs* Nooooooo. Uh oh. Roar babble babble coming Sesse** babble car.

Ummm. . Is there a dinosaur in the street with the car?

Uh huh. Stop Roar! Stop! No Sesse! Car ok.


Then he put his fingers in his mouth and leaned up against me, storytime over. I can't help but be proud. Maybe I have a future little writer in Bjorn. As I send off one writing submission and work diligently on another due tomorrow (Talk about procrastinating - oops!), I think that maybe, just maybe, he got some of that imagination from me. Here's hoping.

*Zahza is Hansa, our Brittany Spaniel dog.
** Sesse. What he calls the street. As in 'Sesame' Street.


Mizz H. said...

I really enjoyed reading that :)

JoyfulJ said...

This was adorable! I love it when my son *reads* Llama Llama Red Pajama his favorite book, or David and Goliath his favorite bible story.
He is also at the stage where he would rather be a dog or a cat then an adorable little human boy.

I love the way you presented this, you've got talent!

Alan Can't Sleep said...

This was pleasant!