Sunday, July 24, 2011

No Baby Yet. In case you think you missed something. . . .

I know, I know. It's been like two weeks since I've updated. No, we do not have a Peanut yet.  Lots has happened, but not that. I can't even remember most of it. So I'll highlight what I do remember. . . .

My last Doc appt was this previous Thursday. Everything is looking good! Peanut's heartbeat is 156 BPM. And I weighed in at exactly 36 pounds more than when I started - which is good, considering that with Bjorn, I tipped the scale at a whopping 51 pounds when all was said and done! Of course, when I weighed myself this morning - 3 days later - another 4 pounds somehow jumped on the scale. I blame a faulty scale.

The C-section is set for this Thursday, July 28 at 11:30 am. Getting closer!!!!

I had one day last week when I had contractions all day. Not bad ones. I could still talk and walk and do everything normal - which is good, because The Hubs was working til midnight that night and I DID NOT want to go into labor at home on my own! And not long contractions - lasted less than a minute every 45 minutes to an hour. But the next day, there were no contractions. Then none the next or the next or the next. Must have been a fluke.

With the date rapidly gaining on us, The Hubs and I decided to finally take a date night out. We begged my cousin to watch Bjorn for the night and went to do what I had been dying to do for months.

We went to the casino.

Yes, I know, I'm like 20 months pregnant. Whatever. I really wanted to gamble. And I knew, just knew, that rubbing my big ol' belly was going to be about as lucky as rubbing a Troll doll. We were gonna win.

But we didn't.

I lost my first $100 in the first 20 minutes. On slots. Quarter slots. Oooooh. . . I was such bad luck.

Good thing The Hubs was on a streak and won it all back - and more - within the next twenty minutes.

And that was our night. Back and forth. He would lose, I would win. I would lose, he would win. In the end, though, the only winner was the casino. As usual.

Today we took some maternity/family portraits at a local ranch nearby. They turned out exactly as I wanted. So even though I had to set my alarm for 5:30 am just so we could possibly beat the heat and the sun (which we didn't - we finished at 9 am and it was already 100 degrees), we got some great shots. And had a great time.

39 weeks

I've also continued my 'super couponing' (I'm not extreme - I buy one set of papers and that's all the coupons I have. Although I have been tempted lately to buy extra inserts. . . . . ). I'm keeping track of my expenditures and savings a little more closely, but since The Hubs is scared of using coupons, I'm also trying to stockpile a little bit before Peanut. Not much. Just in really cheap items right now - like we now have 8 jars of great tasting spaghetti sauce (no Ragu for us - yech), normally $4, for $1 a piece and 10 boxes of cereal, normally $4.50 (who pays this much for this stuff?!) for $.75-$.90 a box. Oh yeah, and we have enough toothpaste to last us for 6 months. Which isn't going to stop me from getting two more tubes for free when I go to the store tomorrow. . . . . .

It's been a fun couple of last 'Just the Three of Us' weeks. Busy, exhausting and fun. Now we've had our date night, I got a cute pedicure and the crib is set up. We are ready for baby!

** Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I quit my last Mommy's group and found another one that sounded interesting. So far we've only met up three times but I am really liking these girls! These Moms feel like the Moms I wanted to meet with Bjorn - the ones I could call for anything and meet up with for everything ranging from playdates to Moms Nights Out to 'Please Take My Child for Just an Hour so I can Please Grocery Shop in Peace'. I am sooooo glad to have met them. Better late than never!!**


Pramod Negi said...

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Andrea and Jeff said...

How did you find your mommy group? I would love to find one but haven't had much luck. Hope the birth goes well and can't wait to see pictures of Peanut!

Tamara said...

I was so so sure that I had missed out on the birth of your little peanut!!! I'm so glad that I didnt! Plus, your C-section is scheduled for my wedding anniversary! That's got to be good luck, right? :)

kderoll said...

You know that you need to let us know whether it is a boy or girl immediatately. Granted this is for my own benefit, so that I can go shop for gender specific baby clothes.

Mommy This and That said...

So exciting! Glad you got your date night. We went for a very late dinner and dessert for ours. It was the last meal I ate w/o someone screaming for me! :)

Please do let me know about how you found a new mommy group...two years and I still haven't found not a one! :(

Theresa said...

good luck!

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