Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kick it like Beckham

I read recently that as it gets closer to D-Day, I may feel less of the babe's movements, being that they are starting to have less room to maneuver.

Either I have the largest womb and the smallest kid, or those books are a bunch of crap.

This kid is kicking the bejeezus out of me.

Not the foot-in-the-ribs kind of kicking. That really only lasted about a day. Peanut is extraordinarily gracious and kind in leaving my lungs and ribs alone.

But in every other way, this kiddo will not.stop.moving. Sometimes I get irritated at the constant movement. I can't sit on the couch to watch America's Got Talent without my stomach rippling and ebbing like the tide.

I can't use my belly as a cup holder anymore. Peanut keeps spilling my coffee.

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Mommy This and That said... Girl was the same way!! I'd sit down to relax and it was like a Zumba class in my belly!!