Thursday, June 23, 2011

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things

With the amount of time I spend on and coupon websites and mommy blogs, I honestly thought that I knew about most cool products that were out there. Sure, there were a few newbie things I wasn't aware of, but surely nothing that I actually needed.

Oh boy, was I wrong.

I found out yesterday that there are probably thousands of things I absolutely-must-have-and-definitely-need. . . . and for sure there are at least three.

My New Favorite Things

* Ever heard of swimmie diapers? Yeah, those diapers that you put on your kid when he goes swimming to hold in all the, um, fecal matter that could come spraying out were he wearing a regular diaper that disintegrates when it touches water. Those swimmie diapers. The same ones that cost $10 for 10, and the kid always seems to poop right when you put it on. Ex-pen-sive. (Not to mention gross. Ever pulled a poopy swimmie off? Unless you can rip the impenetrable sides off the dang thing, you have to peel it down their legs - poop and all. Ugh. Messy.)

Anyways. They have these things that I pretty much equate with the cloth version of swimmie diapers. They hold in the poop, but not the pee (just like regular swimmers diapers), and they have Velcro so they can be put on and taken off much like regular diapers. Oh yeah, and they are only $14.50 on Amazon, meaning that if you go swimming twice a week throughout the whole summer, buying one of these will save you about. . . umm. . . .well, alot of money in disposable swimmies. These miracle diapers are called Bummis.

* My second newest favorite thing is not an item, but a club of sorts. It's called Amazon Mom and signing up is completely free. (Again, one of my favorite things. Free!!) When you sign up you get coupons and email deals and all sorts of cool stuff. The best part? FREE SHIPPING. No, scratch that, free 2 DAY shipping. So, those Bummis I was telling you about? They ship for free. And you don't even have to spend the $25 to get it. Sure, terms and conditions apply, but pretty much, you get up to a year of free shipping. And great deals on diapers. Ummmm. . doesn't get much better than that!

* If only I had known about this next treasure one year ago when we bought our pop-up camper. Because, you see, Bjorn has been sleeping in a pack 'n' play when we camp. And those things are heavy, bulky and take up alot of camper space. Not to mention, they are kind of a pain in the ass to put up, take down, and store.

But look what I could have used.

Oh yeah, I know, it's so expensive. Is it really worth it? Blah, blah, blah. But we went camping 10 times in the last year, people. 10 times. Sometimes for up to 4-5 days. That's a helluva lot of use out of the GoCrib. I like to think that even when Peanut comes, we will still go camping as much as we did last year; just strap Peanut into a front/back carrier and off we go. But I also like to think that these stretch marks will go away on their own and someday I will be able to go to the bathroom alone, without a wee little voice saying "What you doing, Mommy? You poo poo, Mommy?"

So maybe if the initial investment is deemed too high, there is always the Babies R Us version, the Kidco Peapod.The cheaper version. Which may not be quite as comfortable for the kiddo, but, hey, neither are those fold-out beds in the camper, and The Hubs and I use those just fine. It's camping. We can all rough it a little.

* Lastly, there is an item that while not made specifically for parents or young children, is the perfect addition for every family.

We've all heard of Skype. (Right? Haven't we?!) In fact, it's become a verb, much like some other internet-y words. Google it. I'll facebook you. Skype me later.

Soon, I predict that you will be using another Internet-y verb. Presto. As in, Presto that pic to Grandma.

The only way I can explain it is that Presto is a one-way computer/printer for those who have no computer, printer or Internet. Are you fully confused yet? Because it is actually pretty simple.

My Grandma has no computer and no Internet access. But with the Presto machine we bought her, she is able to connect through some kind of line (cable line? phone line?) and receive emails. They are sent to her "printer" (for lack of a better word) where, if the email is from a safe sender - one that has been pre-approved (so no spam "want to enlarge your &*%^" emails for Granny), it will print out right there for her.

She gets emails now. And pictures. Right away. She no longer has to wait for the person to remember to send the digital prints to Walgreens to print off into actual pictures, and then remember to go pick them up and then still remember to put them in an envelope and send them off. And, oh yeah, we ran out of stamps last week and I keep forgetting to buy new ones. When all this time, these pictures were posted on facebook and shutterfly and twitter and the only person who hasn't seen them. . . . is Grandma. 

Not anymore. Now Grandma can see them the same day as everyone else.  When Peanut is born next month, Grandma will get to see pictures the day s/he is born.  Instantly. Cool. Super-cool. Actually, one of the best things ever invented. And everyone without Internet access should have one.

No one asked me for my opinions on here. No one sent me free stuff or coupons or anything. In fact, these companies probably have no clue who I am, that I have a blog or that I covet the items they sell. I mention it to you here because I don't want you to miss out on some of the cool things that I did. And because I'm hoping that somehow, someway, these companies will somehow find me, send me free stuff, put me (and my gorgeous baby) on an advertisement and whisk me and Bjorn off into a life of modeling and hefty paychecks. And because I want to hear all about the cool stuff you just found out about, too.


Anonymous said...

Grandma has had a presto printer for about 4 years now. Greatest invention in the world! It hooks up to your phone line and does not interfear with the phone system. Just sent her photos of her grandson's wedding in West VA. Grandma lives in Oregon. Photos are pretty good quality. We 3-hole punch them and put them in a binder for her. I can't say enough about the printer! I use it to send her reminders for appointments, too. Absolutely NO spam. Seriously, if you have a loved one that can't use a computer, get a Presto printer. And yes, "Presto Grandma" is a regular term in our family!

Peter Radsliff said...

Thanks very much for including Presto on your blog. It's so gratifying to hear of people's positive experiences with our product and service. I thought I would answer a few questions you pose in your post…

- The Presto Printing Mailbox is indeed a printer (made exclusively for Presto by HP).

- It connects to an existing regular (analog) phone line (it shares the line nicely with the people who live there).

- The Printing Mailbox dials OUT, to a local number, up to five times a day to retrieve mail and automatically print it out

- It ONLY prints mail from authorized senders

It has a gazillion other features that help keep Mom and Dad connected with the rest of the family -- even a way to tag Facebook photos and have them print every day!

Anyway, thanks again for the review. Your readers can find out more at the website mentioned below.

Peter Radsliff
CEO, Presto Services Inc.

J, B, O, J & Z said...

We used Presto with my grandmother as well. It was awesome!

And Amazon Mom is great too. LOVE the free 2-day shipping.

And if this city girl ever decides to go camping (I doubt) we might consider the GoCrib. =) I didn't notice, but can you fit two kids in it?

Hana Solo said...

We're so happy that you all are enjoying Presto! It makes it so fun to come to work. I have the best job in the world- finding ways to make seniors happpier, less lonely, and more connected to family.

Jennifer Sherwood
Senior Manager of Sales and Marketing, Presto

Tamara said...

I think Presto needs to pay you for this! :)

Mommy This and That said...

Maybe you can see if Presto wants do have you do a giveaway?? I've never heard of them before but it would have been a much better option for my husband's mother than her own laptop..she's not to good with using it!

Have you tried their subscribe and save on Amazon? Up to 30% off and is wonderful for diapers, wipes, etc! I am an Amazon mom but it doesn't do me any good because I am also a Prime member and that trumps everything else as I have to pay for it yearly. But we order a TON from Amazon and so it pays for itself yearly.

Amber Page Writes said...

Oh my Grandma needs a Presto printer! That's brilliant. We only remember, oh, every four months? Bad grandaughter, bad, bad grandaughter...