Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not always what it seems

Today we went over to a friend's house to play in the baby pool and hang out with friends.

And I got a little boy who knocked over his 8 month old baby friend, wouldn't share any toys and liked to yell "No! No! No!" whenever anything was asked of him. Even if what I was asking was if he wanted to play outside in the pool.

By the time the other Mommy friend got there with her 9 month old, I had had it. Up to HERE. Done with him and his tantrums.

He got spankings. Toys taken away. Time-outs.

And I literally growled at him. Growled. Not one of my higher points.

Where was my cute, sweet little boy? Where was the little man who loved to share his toys and read books to his favorite baby friend and had to be stopped from helping too much? Where was my happy helper boy? Where was the kiddo who other moms stopped to tell me that he was "too cute" or had "such good manners"? Where did he go?!

Apparently, he went away with his mom the sweet, caring, patient woman. Because she didn't show up today, either.

 I'm thinking that the pregnancy hormones have kicked in.

After I got home, and an hour nap for me and two and half for him, I had some downtime to think. And I think maybe he wasn't so bad.

Ok, so he wouldn't share and he was yelling and he kinda threw a few fits.

Isn't that what 2 year olds do sometimes?

And instead of <> growling at him, couldn't I have found a better, more patient, less exasperating way to show him what to do instead? But I was so tired and so uncomfortably fat and so fed up with it all that I couldn't think of anything but what a little terror monster my sweet boy had mutated into.

Maybe it wasn't so much him. He was just being a typical toddler. Maybe it was me. I just need to look at him with restful eyes and a pinch of salt (preferably on a margarita glass in about 5 weeks) because things are not always what they seem. Sometimes they are better.


Meg said...

he wasn't so bad. don't beat yourself up. he's 2. that's enough explanation. :)

J, B, O, J & Z said...

I'm with Megan. He's 2. It always seems worse to the mom anyway.

They all have their moments, and so do we as parents. Don't beat yourself up about it. You have good reason to be tired and at the end of your rope. I'm sure you aren't the first mom to actually growl at their kid. =)

Andrea and Jeff said...

I'm right there with you with my not so sweet katie. The 2's are hard and sometimes we mommy's lose our patience. I often have to remind myself she is learning how to be a little person. :)

Mommy This and That said...

And be ready to see a bit more of that "just 2" personality. Esp when the new baby comes. I have to remind myself that I've turned his world upside down and he's reaction is to be extra cranky and tantrum-y cause he no longer has my undivided attention!