Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunny Days, Sweepin' the Clouds Away. . . . .

Lately we have been going on nightly walks around our neighborhood. It's a good time of year in Phoenix; it's still light at 7 pm, but the breeze begins to blow in and the sun isn't quite so hot. We are taking advantage of it while it lasts.

Not to mention, Bjorn has discovered that he loves to walk the dog, and how can you resist the little scrunched-up face of my two year old saying "Zah-za*? Pleeeeeeasssse? Walk. Walk Zah-za."

So he walks "Zah-za".

Or the Dog walks Bjorn. Really, our walks are spent yelling "Whooooa. Sit. Stop. Whooooa. Wait. Not in the street! No. Back. Whoooooa." to one or the other of them.

And now Bjorn has gotten in on the yelling.

"Whoooaaa." he shouts as she starts to pick up speed (and he's racing behind her, gripping the leash).

"Zah-za. Wait. Back." as she wants to trapse through a neighbor's yard.

"Sesse**. No. No Sesse Zah-za."

Wait, what was that?! Sesse?! Did he just say "No Sesse" to the Dog?

Yes, that's right, he did. Because he now associates any kind of Street with. . . . you guessed it, Sesame Street. He doesn't call it the road, or the street or danger danger. Nope. He calls it Sesse. As in, "Zah-za, No Sesse". (Don't go out in the street.) Or, "Daddy, Ball Sesse" (Daddy, My ball went in the street.)

Apparently, we live on Sesame Street. Welcome to my neighborhood!

*My dog's name is Hansa. I don't really ever care if he gets her name right, because it is just too dang cute to hear him say 'Zah-za'. I'm already trying to get him to say the name of my (hopeful) future dog that I can someday (soon) convince the Hubs we have the time, energy and patience for . . . . . and her name will be Schnebly. You should hear Bjorn butcher that name!!
**From the first word in the morning 'til we lay him down at night, it is Sesse this or Sesse that. The kid is obsessed with Sesame Street.

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