Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Old Wives Tales

With Peanut starting to kick up a storm lately (how could I have ever worried?!), I've begun thinking more and more of what we are to expect when he makes his/her arrival. Will Bjorn be in big boy bed by then or is another crib in our future? Will Peanut sleep through the night? Nurse easily? Cry only when hungry and tired and then only infrequently?

And the main question: Will the room I want to paint blue be used to house a little boy room with Dr Seuss characters or a little girl rooms complete with purple butterflies on a sky blue background?

So I've decided to put the Old Wives Tales to test and see what the verdict is.

1. Way Mom's Carrying: Carrying high is considered a girl, low a boy. While I continue to feel as if this baby is just going to fall right out he's so low, I look at pictures and know that I am carrying higher than last time. Noticeably higher. Girl.

2. The Swinging Ring: With my wedding ring hanging from a string over my belly, the ring most definitely went in a circular motion (boy). I tried it again with just my engagement  ring, and it swung, again, in a circle. Boy wins.

After this test, I started thinking about the equator and gravitational pull, and while I can't remember most anything about geography and natural science, I do know that the toilets in Australia flush the opposite direction. And that makes me wonder if where I am in the world makes the ring swing in a different way - like the toilets. I am in Denver right now. Should I try it next week in Columbus and see if there are different results?!

3. Heartbeat: Peanut's heartbeat has been consistently over 140, with the first two appointments being around 160. This points to a Girl. (Although Bjorn was always up near 160, too. But whatever.)

4. Mom's Beauty: Supposedly, a girl will "steal" Mom's beauty, so if the Mom is ugly during pregnancy, its a girl. This can't be right, as I know many ugly moms who had boys and many beautiful moms who had girls. Anyways, my skin is clear, my hair looks great and I have not felt prettier since I was pregnant with Bjorn. So. . . this one is a Boy.

5. Key Test: How you pick up a key can show if you are having a boy or a girl. The big, round part - boy. Narrow skinny part - girl. And, just for fun, if you choose to pick it up in the middle - twins. I slide my key off a tabletop. . . . . big, round part first. Boy.

6. Mayan Addition: Add up the mothers age at conception and the year at conception, and if the result is an even number, it will be a girl. Odd, a boy. My number is 2039. It's a boy!

7. Chinese calendar: This takes the mother's age at conception and the month of conception and provides a calendar that shows exactly what the gender will be. According to a few different calendars, Peanut is a Girl.

8. Acne: Much like stealing the moms beauty, if you have pregnancy acne, you are having a girl. My skin is clear as its ever been. Boy.

9. Cravings: Salty foods mean a boy, sweet foods a girl. I really haven't had any cravings (really, I haven't!!!) but if I had to choose between a bowl of french fries doused in salt and ketchup or a bowl of ice cream covered in chocolate syrup. . . I'm going for the french fries. Every time. This one is a Boy.

Winner: Boy with 6 out of 9. 

There is another test I didn't take - the Drain-O test. Apparently if you pee into a cup of Drain-O, and it turns green, you are having a Girl. Blue, you're having a boy. First of all, I have heard from many people that this one has, like, a 99% accuracy. And I don't want to know. . . Secondly, who the hell tried this the first time to start this old wives tale going?! Someone had to be the first - what made them put a cup of DRAIN-O in a cup and pee into it?!?! The sheer weirdness of this makes me not want to try it. And I don't have a need for Drain-O and I'm a cheap-ass. I don't want to spend the $3.75 on it.


Andrea and Jeff said...

I never heard about the Drain O thing but then again I could never wait a whole 9 months to find out what I was having. :)

Amber Page Writes said...

I had gorgeous skin when I was preggers and she always felt like she was falling out...but a girl, nonetheless!

Go you on staying the surprised course. I think the suspense would kill me.

Tamara said...

So there IS another test...but it's something Kyle would have to do when you are not around...And my aunt swears she has NEVER been wrong when she does it, and you don't really want to know... ... so I guess I'm not telling! ;)