Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chinese, if you please

The first time around, everyone thought we were ca-razy for not finding out Bjorn's gender. Crazy. As in bats in the belfry, not playing with enough cards in the deck, one sandwich short of a picnic Crazy.

This time around, I guess everyone expects crazy from us.

Because now the not-finding out of Peanut's gender barely gathers a mention. They expect it. 

And this time around, I hadn't begun the non-stop questioning to myself as to what I am having. (A baby, duh!) I haven't had any dreams or any inklings. No funny urges or crazy happenings.

Honestly, considering the track record of my and my husband's family (Bro in law has three BOYS, cousins have four BOYS and two girls, my husband has two BROTHERS, his cousins all have BOYS) I just kinda assumed we are having a boy again.

Which I like. I really like being a boy mom.

Twice in the last few days I have had friends ask me if I had consulted a Chinese calendar. Hadn't thought of it yet so I checked it out tonight.

It says we are having a girl.


Uh oh.

So I went back and checked to see if it was right on Bjorn.  And it was.

Double Uh oh.

Could we be having a girl? I hadn't even entertained the thought of it. I was so incredibly certain with Bjorn that we were having a girl and then, obviously, we didn't and now the Chinese calendar was right with him and what if it's right with Peanut and. . . .

I have to do it, people. I have to.

No. . . not look at an ultrasound and find out. Because that would be cheating. And I am not a cheater.

I have to try each and every Old Wive's Tale that could possible have worked for your Mom's best friend's nieces knocked-up friend who used it to find out if she was having a boy or a girl. I have to try all these other tales, to see if they cancel out the Chinese calendar in any way and I could still possibly in any way be having a boy.

Because the Chinese Calendar is supposedly 99% accurate.

So what Old Wives Tales do you know that I can try?


Lindsay said...

The Chinese predictor was right on for me both times! Just sayin'.... You should probably start thinking pink!

Mommy This and That said...

I really thought boy #2 was in the cards for me but as I grew bigger...I just started feeling girl. And, now she is here and it is so totally cool. But of course we cheated because I wanted to know how many of Spencer's things we could use!!

Merlina said...

have a friend or a relative hide a fork and a spoon under two different pillows on the bed, without you knowing which is which. After that, follow your heart and pick one of the pillows to sit on. If you sit on the pillow hiding the fork, you should be having a boy... otherwise, start looking at pink baby clothing =P
or at least that's what my grandma used to say and she was right on with me and my sisters and her trick even worked with my boy...